Video Games aren't what they used to be anymore

Gaming isn’t what it used to be anymore. Now everything is about iPhones, Xbox 360’s PS3’s and Nintendo Wii’s
Don’t get me wrong. I love this era of gaming, but it just isn’t how it used to be growing up. NES, and SNES was so simple in terms of graphics but so fun. A Perfect example is Super Mario World....

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PS3pwnz2534d ago

I find the fun and immersiveness of today's games just as good (even better with graphics?), only scarce to find. Likewise, in that generation...not every game was fun or addictive. And did the consoles of the good old days not pretty much compete just like today?

LightSideKnight2534d ago

You are very right! But Maybe when we were younger life just seemed that much simple, and so much satisfying with not much to offer. But you're more than correct sir. :)

PS3pwnz2534d ago

Yea, if I think back to the budget games I brought years ago. They are such **** compared to today, but my fondest memories lie with those games. They were more than satisfiable, they were perfect in my eyes. <:' ( I miss those times, too.

n4f2533d ago

yeah nowaday console can do anything except playing a game.
Whatching tv?! are you kidding me why would the eff i want to watch tv on my tv using a game system? what i want is to boot the disc in less than 5sec and play a ******* game is that to much to ask.
i use to pay a good price and my game was full fun creative and i could play all summer long
now i pay 60+tax,its 5h long not finish,full of glitch,i have to pay for patch, i have to play for character, i have to pay for maps, i have to pay for weapon, i have to pay for outfit, i have to pay for horse armor, i have to pay for multiplayer, i have to pay for online. most of those thing are on the disc already. wtf i though we were suppose to play for fun not suppose to be played

Parapraxis2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Title is redundant.
Should be "Video Games aren't what they used to be."

I've been gaming for 25 years, I think games have evolved and changed, but at their core many (if not most) games aim to do one thing, and that is to simply be fun and creative. This has not changed. Even if the technology and innovations have.

newn4gguy2533d ago


You beat me to it!

optimus2533d ago

Ahh but there lies the current problem, in that because the technology has changed most of the creativity is lost. those games from way back as simple as they were (compared to today) you can tell that a lot of time and effort went into the story of the game before the look of it all came into play.

now "big" games cater towards the look and putting on a redundant story that for the most part makes no sense and/or are full of loopholes that the developers figure consumers won't care cause the graphics are what's going to sell the game...

to put it in perspective i was more engrossed and compelled to finishing ninja gaiden for the NES than to play through the current crop of ninja gaidens of today which i finished and have had no desire to run through again. i didn't even bother to buy ninja gaiden 2. same goes for grand theft auto today, finished it once don't care to do it again...there was just more to games back then than there is today which is such a shame.

squidyj2533d ago

I think games need to aim to be more than simple mindless fun today.

LightSideKnight2533d ago

You are so correct, Parapraxis. I need to brush up on my editing skills.

& You're also correct about gaming as well.

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newn4gguy2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

Did anyone take English in high school?

The word "anymore" is redundant in this title.

Edit: Frickin' Parapraxis. Lol.

live2play2533d ago

nintendo does the same thing over and over again according to fanboys so by their logic Nintendo still makes amazing games (which they do)

they help keep platformers alive, like super mario galaxy 2, DKCR, Kirby wii

all these shooters are making the industry stale

NiteX2533d ago

Sadly I can't play many SNES old school games anymore, they bore me to tears now. I guess I've been spoiled pretty badly with the 3D. Hell even though the very first thing I had was an NES I think the N64 is by far the best console ever created still to this day.

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