Wii U, 3DS online "closer" to PSN, XBL

SegmentNext - "Nintendo claims the online multiplayer of Wii U to be better than 3DS and close to Xbox Live and PSN".

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D0ffy2740d ago

Close to? Damn, would've loved it to be "better", but you can't have it all I guess. We'll just have to wait and see.

matey2740d ago

yes but its open online like pc so if u think pc online is better than u will prefer opeb online 4 WiiU

SpartanZero2740d ago

So Wii U online experience will not be as good as PSN or Xbox Live and it's a next gen console

Lyle912740d ago

Where did you read that? It said it would be similar to Xbox live/PSN. Different, but whether it's better or worse will be everyone's own opinion. It will be better than the Wii, and that's all that matters.