GAMER-0 # 77: Post E3 2011 Impressions

T-Hill writes: With E3 behind us and all the big titles strutting their respective stuff was this another stellar year for gaming. Do you feel that that big three hit it out of the park or struck out? What was your favorite game of the show and are you looking forward next year.

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Nightshade3862714d ago

Too much focus on the casual gamers and 3D tech at all three press events this year.

jaredhart2714d ago

missed it this year. :(

gaffyh2714d ago

Sledgehammer is working on MW3 not Halo, it's 343 studios who's working on Halo.

BeardedGamerShow2714d ago

Irrational Games killed it with BioShock Infinite. Skyrim also looks amazing.