1UP: Mass Effect 3 Shows us the Brutality of the Reapers

1UP: We were treated to a brief demo of Mass Effect 3 at E3 this week that showed off many of the elements EA displayed during their conference presentation. Mechanics such as moving from cover to cover, melee attacks, vertical level design, and a range of new movements for Shepard like leaping across gaps and traversing ledges were all on display.

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earbus2689d ago

Lol as much as i loved the first game i wish it would just become a tv series then i could just watch without lifting a finger.

Godmars2902689d ago

But then the series would be full of simulated sex scenes in odd places as well as Sheppard being a lady's man. Or a lady's woman, a man's woman or even a man's man.

nCiTy2688d ago

Just made me think that if it was a TV show before commercial break you have to text your choice for what Sheppard will do next. Most popular answer wins xD.