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IGN - Infamous 2 Endings

IGN - Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop reading. This is your SPOILER WARNING. You're about to watch the Infamous 2 endings. These will effectively give away what you should spend 20 hours working towards. Infamous 2 is awesome, and the journeys to these endings are great. Watching these endings will only give you a snapshot of what's really going on in this game, and that's a crime. (inFamous 2, PS3)

LOGICWINS  +   1507d ago
Def gunna read this when I finish the Infamous side of the game. So far, I'm finding the Infamous side of the game to be more intriguing. The fire powers IMO are more entertaining to use than the ice powers in the sense that they make you feel like a God(especially that multiple enemy drain power).

I like Kuo..especially towards the end when her character makes a stunning emotional change, but Nix was more fun throughout the entire game. Crazy sexual tension between her and Cole lol.
M-Easy  +   1507d ago
The inFamous ending chapter was crazy. My jaw was on the floor that entire chapter.
LOGICWINS  +   1507d ago
Can't wait to see it. Man, this game is just plain awesome. I've never cared about the characters in a game this much all generation. I actually had to force myself not to cry during the Good ending.
thereapersson  +   1507d ago
Among the best character development and story progression this generation of gaming has to offer.

It's a real shame that more people can't play this title, or even the first one!
Nitrowolf2  +   1507d ago
Obviously this discussion will have Spoilers

I hate the endings. In the first game at least Cole lived and both story arch could continue, but in this one only the evil one can move on. And TBH i feel like they totally set up the Cole living ending for Multiplayer or something. I feel like if they make a third it'll either follow the evil ending or it will be a prequel of Cole Alternate version Kessler.

but yeah i could totally see them doing some sort of DC Online game with evil ending.

IDK i wasn't expecting the game to end like that and the setup for a third game seems kind of bad. Like i said we might see a prequel with Kessler instead. I was wondering what happened to Sasha. I would assume she died off in the beast Explosion, but tbh the way they just set it up in the first game almost made it a sure thign she would be back. Same thing with Aden. Although he pretty much jumped off the bridge on purpose and seems unlikely he would live, we have to remember he did have physic power.

I don't see any possible way for the third game to branch off the good ending, since all Conduits died. Unless that Lightning revived him, but i think that was just one of those thing.

Anyway how does an online game sound? I mean after seeing the evil ending i was somewhat convince that it could happen. We create our own conduits with powers and such.

Also it's possible for the third game to feature a new character (like whats prototype is doing)

The New character would be pit against The Beast (Cole) and would start a resistance group to save Humanity from being wiped out.

Oh i love the final stand off in Evil Choice. Made me feel bad for Zeke and Cole Freindship breaking again.

Edited: NVM i think Sasha Dies in Infamous 2 Prequel Book
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MintBerryCrunch  +   1507d ago
how about some CAPS LOCK on that "spoilers"

the way you say it sounds like you are talking about the article instead of your own spoilers
Max_Dissatisfaction  +   1507d ago
the article is about the endings to the game, obviously the discussions here will include spoilers.
Focker420  +   1507d ago
There are different ways the story can branch out. Cole could be revived w/ lightning, possibly. I mean who would've ever thought John would be able to come back from being vaporized.

As far as the conduit gene goes, no one really knows how people got it in the first place. It could've been some experiment that went viral. So its possible some stupid scientist could try and replicate it.

From what we've seen in both games anything is possible at this point.

With the evil storyline, it will obviously spring up some 'good guys' that will try to take down the Beast. But there needs to be something bigger, something even more dangerous than the beast.

I do agree on the multiplayer approach for the next game, but there still needs to be some sort of plot that drives the players, otherwise whats the point?

Overall I liked both the endings but Sucker Punch will really have to pull a rabbit out of the hat if they want to continue the story. Maybe there will be a completely new main character with different powers that will try and take down Cole. Who knows, I just really hope they don't end the series.

So many people were complaining about the entire cast, even though I liked em all, so they may just be going for a fresh start. I guess we'll see.
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Kee  +   1507d ago
Time travel is still an option. Hopefully not because I think Cole's story is over.

If they have infamous 3, I hope it's a fresh character.
koehler83  +   1507d ago
I was hoping the evil ending would somehow lead to Cole realizing the world he created was flawed and chaotic. An unending war of conduit factions all fighting for different reasons but none being able to resolve anything. Ultimately leading Cole to come to terms with his mistakes and essentially becoming Kessler. He would then travel back in time, as per the story from the first game. The Beast Kessler had been referring to was not John, but Cole himself. This would complete the plot hole in a way that playing evil would loop the same terrible sequence of events over and over and over until Cole made the right choice.
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WhiteLightning  +   1507d ago

Well in the good ending the lighting bolt that struck coles coffin kind of looks like a question mark.


I like to think that he is still alive, him and Kuo...mainly because Trish died I wanted to see him find someone else.

Although what bugged me is that in the dead drops Kesler said to John that he was important or something along those lines.....if Kelser knew John was the beast the why didn't he just kill John, unless he's not really the beast.

I want to see Cole have a least one more game in his trilogy. It seems a bit stupid if they end a story before they finish a trilogy of games.
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Kee  +   1507d ago
Yup, I saw that. It disappeared off the screen really quickly but it was a nice touch. Who knows what it means, though? Wonder where they were going on the boat, though.

Yup, Kessler must have known something else. I don't think it's just the beast that he was worried about...
IRetrouk  +   1507d ago
not gonna read until i do good ending, already done evil, ending was good although who didnt see that coming, well the end end, the john part threw me.

oh and if anyone whant a 50% off inFamous 1 voucher let me know.
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Darkseeker  +   1506d ago
The good ending is the canon ending. Obviously, the lightning strike revived him, which is probably gonna be how iFamous 3 starts.

This is supposed to be a trilogy and to top it off, the lightnign strike was shaped as a ?. They did that with the sly 4 trailer on the Sly collection too. Little teaser, then it said Sly 4 ? where the cane was shaped like a ?.
ZeroChaos  +   1506d ago
People keep mentioning that the good is canon, could you provide a link please? (not saying i don't trust a random stranger on the web) People say it as its common knowledge but I can't remember where Sucker Punch said it.
ZeroChaos  +   1506d ago
Honestly both ending where good in their own rights; good basically reset the world to norm and the lightning strike hinted at a rebirth. I nice round way to end the game series.

The evil ending was just so sad the music that pllayed during the Zeke confrontation made me really sad "half as light...twice as bright".

I can see inFAMOUS carrying on in the evil part because of one reason with so many people having powers it would make for a great multiplayer experience.
Focker420  +   1506d ago
Half as 'long', twice as bright.

Its based on an old proverb from Lao Tzu
"The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long"
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LarVanian  +   1506d ago
I've got a feeling inFamous 3 might be about Good Cole vs Evil Cole. I've always thought to myself that in inFamous there are three realities: Kessler's reality, Good Cole's reality and Evil Cole's reality. Evil Cole could possibly find a way of jumping through timelines and realities, one which would be the reality of Good Cole (who would need to come back from the dead though).
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Sevir04  +   1506d ago
you jerks stop spoiling the events of this game. link this shit to the forum and discuss this over there, there are some who actually haven't started this game due to unfortunate circumstances.-_-
ILikeTurtles  +   1506d ago
PLEASE explain why are you here xD

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