Why Call of Duty: Elite is a good idea | Digitally Downloaded

There’s been a bit of controversy over the Call of Duty: Elite service, and whether subscription services on top of the price of a retail game are a good idea. Ignoring the fact that anything that has Bobby Kotick’s business intelligence behind it is going to annoy a lot of gamers, Elite is not worth the ire it’s drawing at all.

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unicron72739d ago

Nah. Not a good idea. I prefer free. Battlelog and Killzone online. Stat tracking/clan organizing that is 100% free. The other stuff that "sets Elite apart" is nothing more than social networking fluff.

spektical2739d ago

lol you have to be a blind fanboy to support this. Battlelog does the same shit for free. Your just getting scammed and are following it like blind sheep.

Solidestchimp2739d ago

tbh it doesn't matter what they call this service people will open there wallets and shuv there cash right up bobby's arse even if its called "Call of Duty we raped your mum service come watch" it would still sell millions =(

dead_eye2739d ago

I'm guessing cos your were paid to say it's good.

PS3pwnz2739d ago

Hey guys, I'm writing my own post called : Why Call of Duty: Elite is NOT a good idea. It's only 3 words long:


(ok, it isn't 3 words, but you get the general idea right?)