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"Among the biggest announcements of E3 was the Wii U, Nintendo’s newest home console which makes its way into the HD era. It was also among the most disappointing, not because of the hardware itself, but because Nintendo had basically no games to show for it, and if there’s one thing you want to see with a new Nintendo console, it’s new Nintendo games. Fortunately, they did create a number of tech demos to give people a few early ideas of the possibilities of the device. I’ll go through with hands on impressions on these one by one." - gamrFeed

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GamingForever2619d ago

I hope they follow up with these graphics... I would love to see this zelda game...

naznatips2619d ago

They should be BETTER than this in the actual game if history is any indication.

swirldude2619d ago

The future is [undisclosed date] 2012!

Torillian2619d ago

underwhelming showing, glad to hear it's not so dissapointing once you get it into your hands.

2618d ago