Bungie's New IP to be Revealed on Bungie Day

Bungie is saying goodbye to the franchise that made them the franchise they are today. To commemorate this goodbye it will have an extra special birthday celebration. The company is turning 20 on July 7th or 7/7, and if you are a Bungie fan this is something you are familiar with and they have 7 reasons why you should be excited for it. In the list below it mentions how they are taking the lid off the secret of their next IP Bungie Aerospace.

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sdtarm2712d ago

my birthday is on July 8

Blacktric2712d ago

Mine is at July 30th. Wait... What does this have to do with anything?

just_sayin2712d ago

Time to milk a new franchise for activision now Bungie

Droidbro2712d ago

You're really gonna accuse ANYONE of milking an as of yet non-existant franchise. Haha what a jack-ass..

just_sayin2712d ago

Lol...just going by their record with MS making them milk halo.

Jack-Dangerously2712d ago

Lol @ "milking an as of yet non existent franchise"

Well said. :)

Dee_Cazo2712d ago

actually a lot of the team working on Halo 4 are ex-bungie guys and noteable developers.

I mean obviously its for money but i am strangely not doubting the quality.

MassOnesumis2712d ago

I wonder will there be hate on Bungie for going Multi like Insomniac. If so, I bet that article will be equally as amusing.

Dee_Cazo2712d ago

You just gave every click hungry site a stupid idea that they will pursue lol.

"Has Bungie Betrayed Their Fans"

humbleopinion2712d ago

I Don't think there will be hate on Bungie from their fans. Bungie is a company that rightfully earned respect from its fans.

Bungie fans are not those retarded console fanboys dribbling on N4G who only stick with a game if it's exclusive to their console of choice. Bungie fans baldly go wherever Bungie goes...

theIMP2712d ago

I love Bungie and their games, I will get the new one, but I'm not shaving my head for them or anyone else.

Whackedorange2712d ago

Every company milks a franchise if they see a slightest glimpse of earning a quick buck, just to remind some of the sdf its not only Microsoft who milk their franchises but Sony also does it. Resistance fall of man, uncharted, motorstorm all says HI.

SweatyFlorida2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Wow I don't even know where to start...
1. Pretty immature to bring up the whole "well Sony milks too" when the article is not even about milking/Halo. Big sign of fanboyism!
2. NONE of those PS3 titles are milked! 3 games total for each is milking? (with the 3rd of each franchise just being released this year) Really? The only game on PS3 that's milked atm is probably God of War, but that's it(that's still exclusive)
3. Milking is prolonging a games life just for more profit. Without having to do with anything in the original franchise, ex spin-offs, remakes.
4. Halo is definitely milked. Don't get me wrong Halo is a GOOD franchise, but with prequels and spin-offs released as well as the soon to be HD remake and an ADDITIONAL trilogy is MILKED HARD! It would have been fine if it was just Halo 1-4 and Reach, but with ODST, Halo Wars, HD Remake, and 2 more games (total=9+remake=10) is just overcooked!

Don't go pointing fingers when you don't know what your talking about. If you do want to point at milked franchises/companies, look at Activision (COD) or Nintendo (mario,pokemon,zelda)

OT - Can't wait to see what Bungie has in store for us :) If they created a great game like Halo 10 years ago, I can only imagine what they can do now. Crossing fingers for it to be amazing! :D

just_sayin2712d ago

That why i said MS making them milk halo i wanted a new game from them,but MS only wanted halo nothing else. Hints the fact that the new game is for Activision well as u said CoD. They're going to beat the F*$k out of it if successful.

humbleopinion2712d ago

Halo had 6 games over the course of 10 years, with the 7th coming this year (which is basically a remake and not a new game - just like the HD collections on the PS3) and the 8th next year. And only 5 of those games were actually made by Bungie so it's a game every two years on average - hardly milking when compared to most other franchises that are not even half as big as Halo.

Sony had 10 Ratchet & Clank games over the course of 9 years, 7 God of War games over the course of of 6 years, and to top all that 13 different releases of the Gran Turismo series over the course of 13 years. Do you consider GT overcooked?
Oh, and Uncharted, Motorstorm and Resistance are headed the same way with 4 games each over the course of 5 years...

And that is before even bringing up games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassins Creed, Need for Speed and yearly annual sports games from various other companies...

Now, I don't consider any of these franchises "milked" - as long as they keep making very good games. So I don't agree with Whackedorange, but neither do I agree with you.

A milked game is a game that already ran it's course yet more mediocre releases keep spamming retail for quick buck before the franchise dies (Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero are good examples). But Halo seems to keep going in the completely opposite direction of that - the franchise just grows.

Whackedorange2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It seems thats you who dont know what you are talking about now lets go deeper into it:

Motorstorm: release dates: 2007,2008 and 2011 and it also have a PSP edition
Uncharted: release dates 2007,2009 and the third is scheduled for 2011 release
Resistance: release 2006, 2008 and third is sheduled for 2011 relase.

I mean on all accounts you dont call 3 games in 5 yrs for milking ?

When a game is either critically acclaimed or have a good sales its natural that the company behind it "milk" it to the last drop and it doesnt matter whos company i am talking about cause every company does that

SweatyFlorida2709d ago

If you think 3 games in in the span of 5 YEARS is milking your an idiot! I don't want to sound mean, but you just proved my point with that last comment dude. All those games are sequels that had something to do with the previous game, that's not milking that's telling the rest of the story (racing/fighting games don't count since their is no story usually)

Just admit it, Halo is a milked franchise, COD is milked, God of War is milked, Pokemon is milked, Mario is milked, Final Fantasy milked, MGS milked etc. 6 games an up is milked sorry. and with Halo having an additional 3-4 games coming in the

earbus2712d ago

At least some decent game may finally come to other platforms goodluck bungie.

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