Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Gameplay Footage from E3 2011 (Hooked Gamers)

Operation Raccoon City is one of the more obscure titles I think people have been curious about. After all. how is a series built around the concept of survival horror supposed to maintain that basis when given to a Western developer like Slant Six in favor of creating a third person shooter experience? Hopefully this video I captured at E3 2011 answers that question.

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VileAndVicious2714d ago

This is the direction that i think capcom should have gone with the resident evil franchise years ago. I want this game!

Kurylo3d2714d ago

I think they should have partially gone in this direction. They need to leave out the corny crap like personal cloaks... and characters that look like serial killers instead of soldiers.

This isnt metal gear solid. Its resident evil... keep it horror and realistic feeling.

VileAndVicious2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Your right about the cloaks lol. But it looks really good Ive been seeing info pop on this site about this game, this is just the first actual gameplay footage Ive seen and after RE5 this looks damn good.

I also like the idea of running into a rival Spec ops team and having to fight them while trying to keep the zombies at bay. I kind of get that Left 4 dead vibe from it.

..and you can finally aim AND shoot lol


I think you meant "walk AND shoot".

Anyway, although I like a good old zoombie apocalypse as much as everyone else, I don't know if it's where I want RE to go...

The good points is definetelly to see again dark settings, umbrella and actual zombies.

But I don't like the focus on multiplayer, no lead character and "shooter" nature of it.

I mean, RE has been a shooter since RE4, which evolved from the Gun Survivor series isntead of the RE main series... But even so, those guys walk around with too many guns, plenty of bullet and karate moves either bare handed or with a knife.

I can't get afraid of zombies if I'm the f*ing Rambo and have other military trained friends.

I know it's a spin off, but I don't think pushing the main series to this would be a great idea, it would just become more of an action game and less survival horror.

But definetely Resident Evil 6 could borrow some. The gameplay mechanics are ok, but if the characters and equip wasn't so overpowered, if they got a nice attachable lead character (I would go with either Ada or Claire), if they get a good writer (to bring back zombies and umbrella properly) and keep the dark environment (seriously, I remember Crash games darker than RE5) they may have the formula to a great come back!

J BO2714d ago

After watching couple minutes,This shooter looks boring as hell.

maxmill2714d ago

wat happened to te good ol re2 days?


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