Final Fantasy Type-0, Dragon Quest Heroes Go Playable Next Month

Andriasang: In a move that can only be described as "Damn you Square Enix don't you know I won't be in Japan then!?", Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy Type-0 will be available for demo at this summer's United States of Odaiba 2011 event.

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koehler832738d ago

Oh is this still coming out? Hmmm.. I suddenly care a lot less about PSP titles. Wonder why that might be.

VampiricDragon2738d ago

because your silly and dont care about quality?

koehler832738d ago

Nope, there's this new thing coming called the PlayStation Vita. It's LIKE a PSP but it's way more powerful. Meaning, by the time this releases (if ever) its quality will be piss-poor by comparison.

And I'd just like to point out that they spent 4 years developing a PSP game. A PSP GAME! It's no wonder the platform didn't get the attention it deserved. The people making the key content for it had their heads up their asses during the entire life cycle of the system.

VampiricDragon2738d ago

Like I thought your just silly

More powerful doesnt mean better.

And its releasing this quarter aka summer and its an incredible game

And actual development has only been 2 year

Blaine2738d ago

Why hate on the PSP? I got one a few months ago and there's plenty there to love! Valkyria Chronicles 2 was amazing, and so was Gran Turismo. I'm enjoying GTA: Chinatown Wars right now, and I'm looking at Persona, Disgaea, the other GTA titles, and this, Type-O. There's plenty of PSP games worth playing if you're on the go a lot like I am and while waiting for the Vita to be released.