Far Cry 3 Exclusive Preview: The Most Beautiful Game at E3 2011 [MovieStinger]

MovieStinger: “You are Jason Brody. Your girlfriend’s missing, your boat’s been destroyed, you’re trapped on a mysterious island with a dark secret… and everyone on it is crazy.” That same line used to start Far Cry 3‘s demo at Ubisoft’s E3 2011 Press Conference by producer Dan Hay was the same line we heard at the beginning of our exclusive look behind-closed-doors at E3, and it was all we needed to hear with the game’s visuals saying more than words could – Far Cry 3 was the most beautiful game we saw at this year’s show.

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Kalowest2539d ago

WOW that game looks good.

ATiElite2539d ago

1. Farcry 3 has nothing to do with Crytek so I don't know why they mentioned Crytek so much in this article. Sure FarCry 1 was made by Crytek using the Cryengine but Ubisoft owns all things Farcry now as FC2 used the Dunia engine and FC3 will use an updated Dunia engine.

if FC3 plays like FC1 then BAM you got a winner.

MediaStinger2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Wow, thanks for pointing that one out, big mistake on my end. Since the original was by CryTek and Far Cry 2 used the Dunia Engine which is made by former CryTek people and based on the CryEngine, I assumed that Far Cry was always on CryEngine. The game looks so amazing and the Dunia Engine looks so similar to CryTek's that it seemed obvious that it was all CryEngine. Post has been updated.

Quagmire2538d ago

All this talk of Crying has me in tears

JsonHenry2538d ago

I thought Prey 2 stole the show personally. But I would be telling a lie if I said this game didn't look good (visually) too.

Ares842538d ago

Man, I was blown away by Far Cry 3. I probably watched that trailer 10 times already.

"....have I told you the definition of insanity??"

Oscar worthy performance.

Quagmire2538d ago

I have never been as intimidated by ANY character before him, truly scary.

Pretty much the equivalent of Heath/Joker psycho.

"now crazy"

BeOneWithTheGun2538d ago

Agreed. At the end of the clip when you can see his feet I actually got butterflies and was yelling get the gun!! I never do that shit in games, it's always so meh when it comes to the bad guy or the sense of getting captured.

Inside_out2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

It was very Tony Montana inspired dialogue with that crazy, loco humor. Biggest surprise of E3 for me. I also thought Tomb Raider looked amazing...didn't see that one coming on so strong...YES, grunts and all.

Ares842538d ago

I'm a huge Tomb Raider fan so Tomb Raider is right up there for me as well. But there are so many great games I can't even pick which is the best one or I can't even make a top 10 list. To me these games are all equally amazing: Tomb Raider, Skyrim, Uncharted 3, Far Cry 3, Dark Souls, Dead Island, Ace Combat Assault Horizon, Ninja Gaiden 3, Battlefield 3, Resistance does one choose the best out of these?? Not possible.

On the other hand, I was really let down by LotR War on the North. Gameplay looked boring and something you would seen on the PS2. Just as MW3, it's the same old crap that COD4 was. Nothing new. Same graphics.

Bluemaster772538d ago

I am hyped that they are continuing this series

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The story is too old to be commented.