May NPD: Brink and Mortal Kombat Sale Figures

NPD has released their sales report for the gaming industry today and revealed the top 10 selling games of the month of May in North America. Rockstar’s L.A. Noire took the top spot and has sold a reported 899,000 copies during the month on the Xbox 360 and PS3. You can find the complete Top 10 listing below, but additional game sale figures have been released and the figures are for Bethesda’s Brink and Warner Bros. Mortal Kombat.

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Dart892539d ago

Love me some mk but that new patched they released last week messed up the online and now i get dropped from my matches:(.

cr33ping_death2539d ago

seriously ill play once every 7 " game is no longer available and the others" its BS

Phantasm2539d ago

Did anyone else say WTF at #6 on the charts? With all the nonstop bashing the COD franchise is getting, to see Black Ops still at #6 is just stunning. It's really going to take mass defections from the core and casuals for BF3 to takeout MW3.

It's obvious N4G and other gaming sites don't dictate sales, otherwise the Wii system would be in last place.


krazykombatant2539d ago

yeah its about time they fix the online, i've been playing it at a friends house cause i ran out of gold, but i'm not planning on going back to gold until the lag and this dropping matches problem is solved. Absolute BS if you ask me.