First Pictures Revealed for Playstation 3 Base Vaults

Earlier this year, Calibur11 announced that they will be bringing their popular base vault cases to the Playstation 3. At this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo held in Los Angeles, they showed off the new accessory for the first time in their booth. The first pictures of the Playstation 3 base vaults, which shows off a variety of colors, were recently posted on their official Facebook page.

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Octo12379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Is what show is what the final product going to look like? Cause if it is it 'aint pretty.Plus isn't this unnecessary even a bit overkill? This makes more sense for handhelds unless your the type that regularly drops your console or live in Japan.

MitchGE2379d ago

I guess if you like to be a moron and toss your PS3 into the back of your open truck and drive to your buddy's place across town after drinking half a 26er of Jack, then a PlayStation base vault is for you.

Dart892379d ago

Will these be available to phat ps3 or only slims??

topekomsi2379d ago

This or a game?

this or a game?

this or a game?
Uncharted 3 it is.....

akashkira542379d ago

this is dumb and im a ps3 fan, why waste 59 dollars when i can be saving it for uncharted 3 or someother game cause there are so many games coming out for the ps3.