Resistance 3 Just A Fragment of “Big World, Big Story”

"The Resistance franchise was first born back in 2006 when it launched alongside its powerhouse the PlayStation 3. Here we are more than four years later and Insomniac is preparing for the launch of one of their latest projects Resistance 3. Nick had the opportunity to meet and interview Drew Murray Lead Designer of Resistance 3 during E3 2011 who provided interesting information on the chimera's latest invasion and the role you will take on when Resistance 3 launches exclusively on the PlayStation 3 September 6th of this year."

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Nick2120042716d ago

Drew's last answer was very interesting ;) Let me know what you think after watching my interview with him.

showtimefolks2716d ago

rage and resistance 3 in september now i will have the whole month for resistance 3 than in october rage.

i can't wait to try online i know story is gonna be really good insomniac will outdo themself with story for resistance 3

is the online co-op from resistance 2 back in resistance 3 i think it was the 8 player co-op?

killajd2716d ago

Thank u so much nick on this info u just dropped! Whos the beautiful blonde lol. Loved the end part and the info he dropped for u! Great Job

tmanmushroom2716d ago

I'm excited for the upcoming Resistance. I wish I was quick enough to download that demo that was floating around!

jack_burt0n2716d ago

you didn't miss much its an old demo, and not a very good demo whoever chose that spot in the game as a demo had been sniffing glue.

e3 stuff was much much better.

SarahFox2716d ago

game should so great, the trailers just get better an better it seams, awesome preview

TheKindRoost2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Such a rich universe insomniac has crafted, I'd like to see a solid rts made out of resistance. That's the most logical way to play as chimeras as they don't have individuality and always fights in numbers.

killerhog2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

*stewie griffin voice* ehhhh lets keep it reistance and not go Halo ok?

TheKindRoost2716d ago

how else would we play as chimeras though?

killerhog2716d ago

by playing as them in r1 or r2 in multi-player lol

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The story is too old to be commented.