E311 Hands-on: Pretending to be a Jedi with Kinect Star Wars (SideQuesting) - Hands-on with Kinect Star Wars at E3 2011. The game is designed well, and could be a fun experience, if it wasn't for the inherent issues with the design of the Kinect sensor. (With Video)

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AronDeppert2744d ago

Hahaha...this seems to be the kind of game the Kinect was made for.

IAmCornHolio2744d ago

Too bad the video does not match the review. The guys in the review were having a blast.

Also, I don't think the person who wrote this troll article actually played the game, because in the video, it is quite clearly not a on-rails game.

candystop2744d ago

Looks pretty good visually and finallyI can see you actually walk. This is gonna be something I need to try out one day.

gypsygib2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

I was hoping for a reason to buy Kinect following E3....still no reason.