Introducing The Nintendo Wii U: Everything You Thought It Wouldn't Be (Hooked Gamers)

During Nintendo's E3 press conference last week, the latter half of the presser was geared towards the introduction of the company's latest controller, erm...console. Or was it a controller? Either way, Nintendo finally unveiled what had been dubbed "Project Cafe" as the Wii U. The way with how Nintendo chose to unveil the tech was peculiar at best and very confusedly done. Only very brief snapshots of the Wii U's actual console were shown and those images were of the console in the background while the main focus of nearly every picture was geared towards the console's controller. Alas, the Wii U is a high definition console that is exponentially more powerful than it's Wii cousin and is said to be more powerful than Sony's PlayStation 3, which would not be a feat to sneeze at. Still though, little was featured on the console itself but rather the controller.

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