New Mass Effect 3 Trailer - The Fall of Earth

Behold the latest Mass Effect 3 trailer from E3 just sent out by EA. "We fight or we die"

Go get em Shepard.

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Hitman07692621d ago

This game should be interesting, hopefully it's not as easy as ME2 was in the firefighting.

potedude2621d ago

This is the game I am looking forward to more than Skyrim or Uncharted 3. Blasphemy, I know, but it looks so sick.

Lots of gaming goodness coming up my way in the next year. Its good to be a gamer...

NYC_Gamer2621d ago

more action gameplay and less rpg :(

Godmars2902621d ago

If by action gameplay you mean actual action and not TPS segments, overly simplistic puzzles, planetary roving rather than scanning, I'm right with you.

BeastlyRig2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

that's console effect.

look at re5 it's not scary it's just all action! Like Dead Space 3 will be.

If Mass Effect 3 turns out mostly just an action game I will buy it cheap.

Sinkway2621d ago

Console Effect?! All 3 have been on a console. All resident Evils have been on consoles. Dead space 1 & 2 have been on consoles.

jaredhart2621d ago

NOOOOOOOO! Not my planet!

CrzyFooL2621d ago

haha I just noticed that.

Roscoe3zz2621d ago

"Behold the latest Mass Effect 3 trailer from E3 just sent out by EA"

lol no, EA released it in 720p HD a week ago.

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