The Xbox 360 Media Briefing Experience Part 2

"Here we are with part two of the Xbox 360 Media Briefing Experience. Just one week ago June 6th Microsoft took the stage at the Galen Center in Los Angeles CA to reveal what they had up their sleeves. Time has come and gone and by now I am sure many of you all are able to reiterate a majority of the Xbox 360 Media Briefing. As a member of the media Nick had the opportunity to attend the event and decided he would let you guys in on the experience of Microsoft's E3 2011 Press Conference."

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Nick2120042741d ago

I hope you guys enjoy as I had an ABSOLUTE BLAST out at E3 2011. Can't wait for June 5-7 for E3 2012!

tmanmushroom2741d ago

Part 1 was pretty interesting, now time for part 2!

Convas2741d ago

Ehh. Prepare for disappointment friend. I hope you like Kinect ...

killajd2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Thank u for putting this up for all of us to see! I was let down with this yrs E3! Although I did like 1 bit of of each System, SONY news, PSP Vita 249.99 - 300. Ms info on them bringing back the classic of HALO and redoing it! Nintendo's trying to reinvent gaming once again! That about does it tho