inFamous 2 User Generated Content Gameplay Video #1

Examiner: inFamous 2 Shooter abilities are seen being used in this User Generated Content Gameplay Video which starts off displaying Sucker Punch's own intro UGC level followed by games from actual users posted to the PlayStation Network. The "Remix Now" mode which allows you to edit anyone's level before playing it is also shown in the video. A variety of objects that can be dropped into the game can be seen here as well. The video will go through two of the different types of levels that can be found including Races and Waves of enemy attacks.

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Hitman07692658d ago

Can't wait to see what the community can do with this in the long term. These missions were okay but most were too short.

Silly gameAr2658d ago

Anyone else having trouble connecting to the UGC server? I always get an error whenever I try to log in.

Neko_Mega2657d ago

This person isn't thata great at this game, anyways I made my own and working on a huge one with a big number of things to fight.

Godmars2902657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Wondering if that guy yelling "I surrender!" got a chance to...

Also wondering if Sucker punch will use this feature to make - and sell? - official DLC? A whole set of missions.

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The story is too old to be commented.