NPD: Xbox 360, LA Noire Tops in May As Industry Plummets 14%

NPD has just released its May video game sales report, and the numbers are not pretty. Thanks to a very light slate of new releases and continued declines in Nintendo hardware, the industry saw its total sales drop 14% to $743.1 million. In terms of hardware, Xbox 360 continues to outsell the competition in the U.S. And Microsoft's platform is also helping to drive the industry as a whole.

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slavish32739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

same crap different month :P

P.S. Can't wait to see what happens when the next wave of price cuts hits!

TurismoGTR2739d ago

who cares about sales, like seriously! does ESPN talk about which arena sells out the most?


guigsy2739d ago

No but I'm sure they release their viewing figures in comparison with other sports networks.

People do care about sales. You don't have to read or comment about them, and yet here you are. Everyone knows it generates the most discussion, no matter what their views are.

Father Murder X2739d ago

Whether you like M$ or not you can't deny that they are doing wonders with 6-7 year old technology. While Sony maybe tops worldwide I don' think that they are slaughtering them as bad as it is made out to be on here. This is crazy. We may not see another system until 2014.
Xbox 360 – 270K
PlayStation 3 – 177K

gamingdroid2739d ago

Sorry to disappoint, but the gap is widening between Sony and MS, so Sony isn't tops worldwide either....

"Going by latest sales figures, the Xbox 360 is five million ahead of the PlayStation 3, which as of last month had sold 50 million consoles globally."

Check out the chart on this page for sales in the last 5-6 years on all platforms:

NYC_Gamer2739d ago

i'm happy that people are buying la noire

Therealspy032739d ago

kinda sad many people were duped into buying brink. doesn't sound like it "flew under the radar" to me.

Sonyslave32739d ago

The xbox 360 have 5million lead Worldwide sony ain't catching ms anytime soon.

digger182739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

It's 3.6 million. Where do you keep getting 5 million from?

Plus, does it really matter if Sony's PS3 never catches up with the 360?

I don't give a cr*p

Sinkway2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Haha yeah i never understood the sales race. I think fanpeeps like to war with everything and anything eg. Exclusives, online features, sales, controllers haha the list can go on.

StanLee2739d ago

@ digger18

If you didn't give a crap you wouldn't keep correcting him.

Raven_Nomad2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

The sales race really only mattered early on IMHO. Six years later and like 50+ million consoles sold, you cant really say either one failed. You gotta be impressed with MS though, I mean the original Xbox sold less then half that of what the 360 has done.

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