May’s Xbox 360 US sales revealed, up over last year

Major Nelson has revealed 360 sales for the month of May.

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Zir02689d ago

360 no.1 in the US and WW nothing new here

happyface2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

360 going to be #1 for a very long time, sony and wii got nothing left in the tank until next gen systems hit

@Uraretardkia34 you must be the kind of kid who thinks uncharted or resistance is going to make ps3 start outselling 360. see how thats worked out in the past. Kinect Gears and Halo are the games that actually do move systems s0n

Urrakia342689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Xbox 360 is going down the drain FAST. If anything, the 360 is the one with nothing left in the tank. Just more Halo & Forza. (Unless they announce Gears of War 4, 5, and 6) Plus the hardware itself is starting to become quite outdated.

@happyface - You call me a kid but insult me yourself? Great, now I know what I'm dealing with here. No I don't like Resistance much and I like Uncharted but I don't think it's anything special. Gears and Halo move 360's because they're the only games worth getting on Xbox.

PS3 doesn't have one single console-defining game because it has a plethora of exclusives in most genres to provide a diverse gaming experience, which I'm sure you can agree is a good thing for all gamers.

xPhearR3dx2689d ago

How is the 360 going down the drain fast when the sales are up over last year? You realize tons of gamers don't care about exclusives like people on this site do right?

SweatyFlorida2689d ago

360 is definitely not No.1 world wide sorry xbots. Wii is currently above 84 million units while xbox is around 53 million and ps3 around 50 million. And most of this increase is due to Kinect, casuals flooding in the so called "hardcore" console.

Mustang300C20122689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Actually the 360 is at 55millon now which was announced last week.

Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. PDT, Microsoft will kick off the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo with its media briefing from Los Angeles. Today, the company laid the foundation for its presentation by releasing some new statistics about the performance of its Xbox 360 console and its online service, Xbox Live.

No, the Xbox 360 didn't sell 2 million units in 3 days.

Three days after revealing the Xbox 360 had sold 53 million units, the company is now trumpeting the fact the console has, in fact, sold 55 million units in 38 countries life-to-date. According to Microsoft, the 360 has seen 29 percent year-over-year sales growth in the first four months of 2011, which the company claims more than triples the growth rate of the PlayStation 3. In the US, the 360 has been the top-selling home console for 10 of the past 11 months, thanks in part to the introduction of the slimline Xbox 360 S at E3 2010.

The funny thing is that the 360 is STILL number one console after the Wii had a price drop last month.

guigsy2689d ago

The 360 boasts a year on year increase in sales, literally the opposite of "going down the drain". Again, as some people can't quite comprehend, the average console owner doesn't know or care about exclusives, because if they did, the PS3 would be ahead wouldn't it.

Urrakia342689d ago

@guigsy - Call of Duty boasts a year on year increase in sales. Does that mean it's the best game out there? According to your reasoning, it is.

YodaCracker2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )


The 53 million number was after Jan. - Mar. 2011. The 55 million is an updated number since we are now in June.

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Sinkway2689d ago

wow 39% from last may, thats preety good MS. But the US sales? ohhh its always the US sales.

testerg352689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Sadly, people don't seem to understand what NPD tracks.

jarrod19812689d ago

why cant people understand what NPD is. In articles talking about npd numbers they talk about npd numbers. its not f#@$ing rocket science. some people are such annoying whiny fanboys.

fr0sty2689d ago

360 has been dead last worldwide for months now zir0. NPD = USA only, but Major Nelson doesn't want you to know that.

JOLLY12689d ago

Frosty, in his tweet is say "in the US". Also everyone know that NPD is US only.

Loner2689d ago

They outsold PS3 by 600,000 in the last fiscal quarter putting total sales @
360 - 53.6 million
PS3 - 50 million

So many misinformed users around here

Mustang300C20122689d ago

@ Loner

360 is actually at 55million. Please google or see my post above.

NYC_Gamer2689d ago

the sales are kind of low i guess price cuts are needed

JOLLY12689d ago

You forgot to add the *sarc*. Maybe you didn't think you had to add it because you were laying it on pretty thick.

Pedobear Rocks2689d ago

It achieved these sales because of price cuts...hell the 4GB has been under 130 multiple times and now the 250gb is hitting under 200 fairly often too. Sales are up...wonder if revenue is.

Mustang300C20122689d ago

LOL except it hasn't had a price cut. I love how people NOW use stores that decide to give gift cards and do their own specials and now it is considered a price cut. So when Sony was giving away PS3s with TVs what was that?

Sinkway2689d ago

and the sales are still really good, i know your just trolling but you are half right, No major elclusives and sales are still really well for the xbox 360. It must be Live ticking all the right boxes.

phoenixdown2689d ago

the main reason and probably only reason to own a 360 is xbox live. ask any average xbox 360 owner and they'll tell you it's xbox live.

fr0sty2689d ago

it's selling the least of the 3 home consoles worldwide right now.

Sinkway2689d ago

@ fr0sty

Yeah man thats what i was saying in my first comment, MS always post US sales, its f****ing annoying.

StanLee2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Exclusives really haven't moved the needle this generation. They're great for a console's value but the biggest core titles this generation have been multiplatform. Microsoft has done a great job marketing it's console at a new audience especially in North America. Let's face it, at this point, the core video game audience already owns at least one, if not both current gen HD consoles. You can criticize Microsoft's heavy focus on Kinect but it's bringing a new audience to the console.

2689d ago
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Sonyslave32689d ago

The xbox360 have a 5million lead it was once 3 but now it five.

Face it ps3 not going to overtake xbox360 anytime soon.

Thecraft19892689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Wrong its

360 - 53.6 million
PS3 - 50 million

So its 3.6 million

Even it was 5 million the 360 had 1+ year head start so 5 million gap is really not that impressive.

Also you should know if you combine worldwide sales then the 360 is getting outsold worldwide and is only holding up in the US.

starchild2689d ago

You PS3 fans are always repeating this meme that the 360 is getting outsold worldwide, but you never give any evidence to back up your claims.

The fact is, much of the world doesn't have anything like NPD and therefor there are no reliable numbers until the companies release their quarterly reports. The last quarterly reports released showed the 360 had sold more than the PS3.

I also assume you never heard that the 360 has sold over 55 million units.

jarrod19812689d ago

some ps3 fans on this site are like broken records. i love both my 360 and ps3 but the ps3 fans worry so much about sales even though they will say otherwie. its almost sad.

2689d ago
ArrBilly2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Actually, it was 8, almost 9 million at one point. When the PS3 launched, the 360 was something like 5 million ahead, but that Christmas where the PS3 was only available in Japan and NA, the 360 extended it's lead to over 8 million ahead until the PS3 became available worldwide a few months later. Since then the PS3 has outsold the 360 every single year.

Also, wtf is up with this site. I found it around E3 and have been trying to start an account cause I'm a pissed off 360 owner and I needed to vent about all that Kinect sh!t, and I've started 4 accounts since last week and every time I start one I go to login the next day and it says my account is blocked. Wtf is going on with this site? Is it just run by a bunch of butthurt 360 fanboys or somthing? Get a life.

Mustang300C20122689d ago

Apparently your the one that needs to get a life. Not sure why you need to be another member whining on the internetz about your dislike about a product. Why bother spending time talking about what you don't like instead of focusing on what you do enjoy. Grow up.

ArrBilly2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

What the hell is it to you? If you bought a product and were unhappy with it, wouldn't you tell people about it? I expect if one of my friends bought a car or phone or something that they had nothing but problems with to tell me about so I don't make the same mistake. That's what people do.

But hey, if you're sold a crappy product that breaks down on you repeatedly and then the company stops making the games and focuses on crap casual stuff - and you think that's ok and just want to cower in the corner like a mouse and not say a word - that's your goddamn prerogative.

Personally, I'm pissed off. I hate Kinect. Played it. Hate it. And when MS used to give me stacks of exclusives I wanted to play now all I get is Gears and Halo once every other year. It sucks - and I'm pissed about it.

Grow up? Stuff yourself. It's a games site and I'm expressing my opinion about games. If you can't deal with that, stfu and go back to hiding in a basement cradling Halo Reach. I'm a mad 360 owner and I won't be silenced even if you haven't the testicular fortitude to say anything about it.

Only made two posts and already the losers are jumping all over me. You must be one of those mods that keeps banning me because you can't stand anyone who isn't happy with their 360. At any rate, just looking at your posts, you're quite the little troll. I like Gears and Halo as much as the next 360 guy, but enough is enough.

Mustang300C20122689d ago

Like I said grow up. Write somthing to your Congress or somthing. Whining over the internetz of all places N4G isn't going to solve your issue. As I said get a life...OUTSIDE OF VIDEOGAMES MAYBE?

qwertyz2689d ago

because casual gamers are now buying 360s because of kinect

KonigNxt2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if the "...up over last year..." part was complete bullshit. JUST a theory. Not trolling.

YodaCracker2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

What? You are free to look up the May 2010 NPD numbers and compare them to May 2011 and see the increase for yourself. Here, I'll make it really easy for you and link you to it:

May 2010: 195,000
May 2011: 270,000

Now let's do the math:

270,000 - 195,000 = 85,000 increase
85,000 / 195,000 = 0.436
0.436 = 43.6%
Round up to 44%

Well, will you look at that. A 44% increase in sales. Even higher than the article stated! Wow!