Gamer Segregation: It’s Time for the Barriers to Collapse

Almost every gamer has, at some time, dealt with a nasty problem that I like to call “gamer segregation”. While the term is obviously a little on the strong side, it describes well the many barriers that online gamers of different nationalities often bump against when trying to play with each other.

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Chadness2741d ago

I've been clamoring for this for a long time. It just straight up makes sense, and I'm unsure why the publishers are so much against the idea, especially the bigger ones like Blizzard.

I made a lot of great friends back in the day when I played Final Fantasy XI, friends in Japan especially. It was a great way to mix cultures and keep the servers lively at the same time.

Of course, then you get those xenophobic idiots who cause trouble, but really, in my experience, those were pretty few and far between in a game where a great deal relies on your reputation as a player.