E3 2011: Far Cry 3 Interview with Producer Dan Hay

Far Cry 3 was the big secret that Ubisoft unveiled at E3 2011 and Steve Masters got the chance to talk to Producer Dan Hay behind the scenes.

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BlmThug2689d ago

If They Fix Most If Not All Flaws Of Far Cry 2 Then "OMG". In A Interview Gamespot Asked Them If It Has Fast Travel & They Couldn't Say But The Developer Nodded His Head In Agreement. They Also Fixed Stealth Massively In A Way That You Can Actually Do Stealth.

BeastlyRig2689d ago

The bad guy is very interesting I like him!

DistrictMime2689d ago

I do too. He seems like he's going to be one of those guys who you can't seem to kill and when you do...he'll go out in a bang.

Apotheosize2689d ago

"Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again, expecting shit to change"

Far Cry 2 in a nutshell.

Heres to FC3 looking much better and hopefully not being another FC2

phoenixdown2689d ago

i think you'll find out with farcry 3.