D+PAD Magazine: Dirt 3 Review

D+PAD Magazine writes:

Making a great game is not easy, but how would you keep building a franchise that ‘got it right’ from the get-go? A developer could peruse through the vast swathes of critical reception in the media, scour gaming forums to analyse fan feedback or take on board recommendations from their publisher. It’s an unenviable task, as maintaining a sense of balance is utterly crucial – the removal of any unwanted and excessive gaming blubber requires surgical precision, where the slightest tweak too many could quite easily lead to disaster. Fortunately, the Dirt franchise is in capable hands – indeed, Codemasters are reigning champions of the racing genre, but there is a risk of complacency. The question is, what have Codemasters done to ensure that the franchise remains as entertaining as ever, yet different enough to cease accusations of Dirt 3 being an almost lazy sequel?

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