No More Heroes 3 to appear on Wii U

Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid speaks with Suda 51.

"I basically ask the guy if he's going to break my heart and change his plan to bring No More Heroes 3 to the Wii U. His response is "Of course! I won't break your heart..." and then goes into an explanation that I'm still trying to understand." -Jonathan Holmes

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NESpower2739d ago

He pretty much confirmed it! Wii U has No More Heroes 3, Smash Bros., and Pikmin 3 confirmed. :D

pepsilover_20072739d ago

dont forget battlefield 3 :)

AWBrawler2739d ago

and Ghost Recon! Hell yeah! I haven't played a Ghost Recon since Gamecube, but I love those games.... no wait I played the 360 one.

fatstarr2739d ago


my prayers have been answered

one of the best games of this gen cant wait
nintendo really needs to acquire this ip cause this would really cause people to come to the wiiu platform.

Maxned2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Never got a chance to play the first 2 games...
I wonder how theyre gonna develop this for the wiiu controller...?

I really hope this will be 1 of many games that use the wiimote/nunchuck as the primary control scheme, not the wiiU controller.

Sorry, I just really dont like the design of it so far. Add some analog sticks, nintendo.
Controller Function > Controller Design

N4g_null2739d ago

Yeah the wiiu can be used as his 3ds in game lol. The motion plus will be used and dual swords could be very possible.

Oh because you guys are cool I'll let you know a secret crysis 2 is running on the wiiu right now! Epic is porting their code as we speak and iD still is in I don't know mode. LoL oh yeah add that shade wearing ninja gained boss making devils third. Battlefield is coming also. Wow this is going to be multiplayer heaven.

I think this is going to be the tech battle ground and the specs are closer to being final yay!

Now if we could get brink on it. A quake wars port part two would be sweet with that command controller.

I hope crytek let's us used the wiiu to actually draw the maps out in the sdk that would be boss.

Deadman_Senji2739d ago

PS3 and WiiU?

Sounds fantastic.

Rampaged Death2739d ago

Everyone needs more Touchdown in their lives

parasit32739d ago

No More Heroes 3 deserves to be a PS3 exclusive because of the PS Move, not on some Wii console. I mean doesn't No More Heroes look like a PlayStation franchise?!

ShoryukenII2739d ago

Nintendo had it first but I really want them on PS3 so I can play. Maybe after we catch up and the third one comes out, they can release the PS3 and WiiU ones simultaneously.

AWBrawler2739d ago

honestly Travis may be mature rated, but it's mature in a goofy Nintendo esque way. He seems right at home on Nintendo, especially with the 8-bit jobs

lizard812882739d ago

Shouldn't Little Big Planet be a Nintendo exclusive then, by that logic?

Theyellowflash302739d ago

No, No More Heroes doesn't look like a PlayStation franchise. No More Heroes is weird and niche. Sony Franchises are usually shooters like: Killzone 1-3, Resistance 1-3, Socom, Mag, Uncharted, Even Infamous plays like a open world 3rd person shooter. All of those games are safe from a marketing perspective. No really weird sh!t going on. So I would say your wrong. No More Heroes doesn't look anything like a typical Sony Franchise.

ChickeyCantor2738d ago

" I mean doesn't No More Heroes look like a PlayStation franchise?!"

The butt hurt is strong with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.