Nintendo's Wii U Trick Leaves Gamers Pissed. Is the Wii U Even Real?

One of the most interesting things at E3 this year was the Wii U’s lack of spec information during the Nintendo press conference. The focus was literally 100% on the Wii U controller and the games that could possibly be on the system, but not once did they cover the actual console and whether or not the games were actually being played by the Wii U. But the biggest discovery was at the Nintendo booth while everybody waited to get their hands on the new Wii U Zelda game. The game turned out to be just a video and nothing more. Gamers were fooled!

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zeal0us2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

people are probably piss more that only one tablet can access a console at time or that the fact they(Nintendo) won't be sell Utablets individually. They got year to reconsider some of these problems they created themselves. Hopefully Nintendo will listen to their customers/buyers.

DeadlyFire2688d ago

I don't care for the controller personally. Playing a game while TV is on isn't a bad tech idea. Other than that I DGAF. Classic Pro controller + new HD graphics = success for Wii U if you ask me.

Brasi822688d ago

I think it'd be nice of you could hook up the Classic Pro to the tablet and play without use of the TV. That's just me all is unknown ATM though until I can get that controller in my hands and see how it feels.

Chupa-Chupa2688d ago

The article nailed it, there is no actual proof that the Wii U can actually do what they claim it does. And frankly, it does seem rushed for some odd reason.

Ilikegames762688d ago

Might be one of the many reasons why Nintendo's stock is falling.

EYEamNUMBER12688d ago

ubisoft had demos of people doing what they said it can do
what are you guys talking about?

scottd2688d ago

that's the problem the entire thing was a tech demo.Nothing was real, also to me nothing matters with this thing now that it's confirmed the controller has no processor or video card in it.
The Wii u strictly streams video to the controller and that's all it does

EYEamNUMBER12688d ago

they were being played live on the floor and demoed to the press
so how could it not be real

what did you expect the controller to be its own console?

scottd2688d ago

My point is Nintendo and everyone else is hyping this thing to be more than what it is. The controller is just to distract everyone from realizing the new console is simply wii hardware brought up to HD.
which I'm fine with that just stop with the stupid gimmicks. Give me a regular controller, strong 3rd party support, get some 3rd party exclusives and have an actual online network and I will buy this thing.

fatstarr2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

meh, ppl ask for next gen next gen, nintendo gives a glimpse and then ppl complain.

cant satisfy anyone no more
its all buisness never put all your chickens out on the table people will steal them.

nintendo just showed a glimpse
next e3 what should happen is wii-u gets solid
and ps4 and 720 possibly announced.

nintendo is smart and we will see why later on.
nintendos stock can fall let it i will purchase a few for the next boom.

this article really doesnt get what tech demoes and things are.

you really do see more at home then you do at e3.

newn4gguy2688d ago

Really...they only have to answer one question.


pcz2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

wish nintendo and the devs would stop speaking in code and cryptic language.. be specific about the specs!

if they dont know how powerful it is, they should just say. if this console turns out to be on the same level as ps3/360, a lot of people are going to be angry. i think nintendo will lose those people who bought the wii, giving them the benefit of the doubt and lapping up their 'unique gaming experience.'

everybody now knows its all good having new gaming experiences, but you also need the technical prowess. all wii users know that a weak consle has no legs, in a few years time it will look terrible (ie wii.)

so nintendo better bring the goods this time! the console better have a decent amount of power, it better be modern technology, not tech from half a decade ago!

no modern tech, then me no buy, simple!

scottd2688d ago

by them saying nothing, i believe it to be a wii with hdmi and thats it. it will not be more powerful,

D0ffy2687d ago

And you, sir, are ignorant.

The shallow specs we officially got from Nintendo (go look at Nintendo's E3 page) indicates that it will be way more powerful than the Wii. Excactly how powerful I can't say, but of course it will be more powerful, anything else would not make sense.

Go look it up before saying something like that.

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