Facts About the World Since Duke Nukem Was Announced

Tomorrow is a huge day for anyone waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, especially if they’ve been waiting since it was announced back on April 28, 1997.

A lot has changed in the world since 3D Realms had made the infamous revealing of Duke Nukem Forever, and after the jump, we put some facts together as to what has.

For instance, did you know there are more than a billion more people living today, then in 1997?

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xstreetsweeperx2539d ago

That is quite an interesting piece of writing

RedDragan2539d ago

So I am the only worried about that statement about the population. There were 1 billion less people in 1997? I am not looking forward to 2050... the queues for games will be HUGE!

tigertron2539d ago

Think of the traffic, its already bad right now. I hate sitting in traffic jams....:(

penguinhunter2539d ago

I thought so too. Sadly I remember when the game was revealed... Am I that old?

CrescentFang2539d ago

"-Justin Bieber was only 3 years-old and had no musical impact. The world was in a better place."

I lol'd

xstreetsweeperx2539d ago

lol If only that was added in the article

wallis2539d ago

Fucking brilliant article. I think no matter how hard I try I simply can't shake the idea that 3D realms must have been such a bunch of fucking monkeys to take nearly fifteen years to make a 10 hour long game.

That's 1.2 years, or 14.4 months to develop every hour in the game.

It takes the human body nine months to take a single cell and make a God Damned human being out of it.

No matter how much I tell myself that "making games are hard" and "they were just striving for perfection" the simple truth is a fifteen year dev cycle has NEVER occurred before in gaming, and for a reason as well. I refuse to believe that valve, id, or GSC gameworld don't strive for perfection either.

Nine years ago DNF should have been released, and it wasn't. We could have all joked about it's ridiculously long five year dev cycle but we didn't. DNF should have been a staple of my CHILDHOOD, but it's not. And no matter how hard I try to be nice about it all I can think is "Fucking hell 3D realms, are you serious!??"

In the space between that stupid weight lifting teaser a few years back and it's release they changed it's damned engine again for that matter! From id tech 4 to unreal 3. It's like they never learned!

AdrianHD2538d ago

It's simple, they WERE perfectionists.

Every time they'd approach a release a new engine or something would emerge and they would scrap everything and start over. Rather than release what they had then and enjoy the success of the Duke branding at the time.

If you take too long, your expectations get too high and you'll never hit them. If you spit out the game too early, you'll be hit with fans claiming you're milking the series.

wallis2538d ago

Such a major cock-up. Yahtzee's "review" of duke nukem forever nailed it on the head.