Immersion Therapy Stack of Shame: Easy Mode

GrE writes, "This week, I was planning on playing my copy of Resistance 2: Fall of Man. But then, as part of the gaming hype machine, I saw the Catwoman trailer for the new Arkham City game. I suddenly felt like playing Arkham Asylum. Am I that easily influenced? Yeah, I guess I am. However, in my defense, Arkham Asylum has many wonderful things going for it. An engaging storyline, brilliant voice acting, solid combat mechanics and some interesting ways to include the detective part of the comic book character make it, in my opinion, the best comic book game ever. Why not play it for the column, I thought."

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Dramscus2658d ago

Good read, I do that. I'd rather play on easy than not enjoy playing. If I'm not enjoying a game I just turn it off.
It's no fun to spend houls dying in the same spot.

Philoctetes2657d ago

I had to turn the difficulty down once in Mass Effect 2, so I get where the writer is coming from and he has a good point.

But Batman? Really? That game was extremely easy all the way through. It was pretty easy even on Hard.

xalexon2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

This is just dumb, if you find that you are generally finding games very difficult then you should start off on easy in the first place. I've played both and although challenging, weren't particularly hard. Of course I understand that different gamers have different skill levels, these games aren't say Witcher 2 or Demons Souls which the entire gaming population finds relatively difficult. In the case of Witcher 2, I was stuck in the prologue (yes, even before the game started) and replayed the same section close to a dozen times before I finally continued. Why did I do this instead of switching to easy? Because I can't expect to get better at a game if I keep on quitting whenever a particular part becomes difficult.

TL;DR - If you generally find games difficult, start off on easy

Mutley4162657d ago

some games I like the easy mode just to get the story and beat it quickly so i can move to the multiplayer...

gypsygib2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

That happened to me with Dead Space 2 but I started the game on hard, by the time I dropped it down to normal the game had pissed me off so much that the thought of playing it is off-putting.

The worst was FF13, I was really enjoying the game then all of a sudden the difficulty spikes significantly. There's no way I spending more than 3-4 tries on a boss that takes 1hr to kill - sold that game and I was so close to the end too.

Nothing I hate more than massive end game difficulty spikes or enemy spam.