PlayStation Vita: It Only Does Too Much At Once (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Fans of The Simpsons know the episode, "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?", where Homer receives the green light to design his own car, an opportunity that proves disastrous when he throws practicality out the window in favor of bloated excess.

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Misterhbk2737d ago

Sounds like damage control to be honest.

Too many features? Really? I would say something more along the lines of, 'it offers the best of both worlds.' Casual gamers can jump into a game such as uncharted with the touch controls. Core gamers can stick to the normal controls. Then you have the games like Little Big Planet, ModNation and Little Deviants which will offer experiences for both core and casual gamers by bringing all of the touch features, tilt and the usual control schemes together.

I don't see anything wrong with that at all. Sony's plan is cut and dry. they don't want either the core of the casual audience...they want both.

Joni-Ice2737d ago

I never knew it was a such thing as "It does too much." That sounds so retarded.

Christopher2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

My PC does way too much. I've been meaning to get rid of it for that reason.

Now, lame attempt to be funny out of the way, I can definitely see how it might be "too much." If you recall the Uncharted demo, you could use the standard controls or the touch screen for a lot of elements. There are a few ways you can play the game, essentially. All of them are optional and I'm not saying Uncharted is doing "too much" (I don't think it is) but it's an example of what you can do on the Vita.

The defining element here is that the Vita isn't the Homer Car, but it's a technological device. And how you interact with it is determined by those who develop the software. It is possible for a developer to design the game to use "too much" but it's also possible for them to design the game to use "just the right amount."

So, the issue isn't with Vita, but with how game developers will properly or improperly utilized a device that gives them a lot of choices in what they can do.

sikbeta2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Tell me this article is not comparing the Simpsons chapter where Homer make a crappy car vs Sony Making an incredible and Awesome handheld? this is just crazy!


DaTruth2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

This reminds me of LBP's "too much variety"!

Seems Sony just can't do anything right, even when they're doing everything!

Prcko2737d ago

best handheld evah!!!!

SuperStrokey11232737d ago

Less is more hey? Well think about it this way, people want 1 device if possible, maybe 2. More is more, people want it all in one place and it all to work well. I think the author is out to lunch or really doenst know what hes talking about. The 3DS and its launch proves exactly what hes saying is wrong.

StbI9902737d ago

Site sucks so does the article...Dude it is all about this, read with me!

- Viva la Vita, see how freshy does it sound?, now crawl back in scker with your biased article toward this beautiful machine.

Tommykrem2737d ago

Viva la vita has a real nice ring to it. If you hurry maybe you can beat Kevin Butler to a VP of latino marketing job.

Knuxxx2737d ago

Yeah I'm kinda suspicious about this article. They made one point I agree with and was originally concerned about- the rear touch panel, but AT&T being despised? An exaggeration. The other point about most users not using all the features is a given- People haven't used ALL the features for either the 360 OR PS3

sarshelyam2737d ago

They're buying out T-Mobile right? Long-term, this only means good things for AT&T in terms of Network viability/stability, and ultimately Vita onwers will reap these rewards.

I get it...the name is ostracized by the community, but if they can support the network, who the hell cares? That was the single "boo" in Sony's conference, and even was just the elitist bohemians crying foul.

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