Another Arkham Audio Tape Surfaces Featuring Two-Face

Another one of the cassette tapes left at E3 has been showing up around the internet, and this time it features Batman's legendary foe Two-Face. Hugo Strange is once again the interrogator, and it's starting to look like he has been capturing all of the Bat's villians for questioning, something we will probably see more of in the game.

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pungello19882448d ago

I like their version of Two Face

GetoverHere1222448d ago

Yeah it's the version from the 90's cartoon! oh how I loved Batman: The Animated Series

DangerousDanMcGrew2448d ago

That program was my childhood. Awesome.

pungello19882448d ago

Yeah and there's a little bit of the Dark Knight Two Face in there as well

pixboy2448d ago

One of the best shows of my childhood also... amazing! :)

GregoryAllen2448d ago

This is probably one of maybe 3 games I just can't wait for and every little bit more of information flames the fires of my heart.

Cwalk8162448d ago

Fun Fact: The joker is voiced by Mark Hamil(Luke Skywalker)

DaleBoyd2448d ago

That's insane, all this time it was..LUKE?

captain-obvious2448d ago


Cwalk8162448d ago

I don't recall ever saying it was new information. It's just a fun fact for those who didn't know.

trainsinrdr2448d ago

this game will be the best superheroe game ever made in my opinion