LulzSec release hacked Bethesda data

@XG247: The spate of games companies being hacked has continued with the latest victim being Bethesda Softworks. LulzSec hacked Bethesda's servers and have released the data they took.

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Warprincess1162714d ago

Ugh This is just disgusting. They are worst than anonymous. I hope the FBI find these losers and lock them up.

Shackdaddy8362714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Anonymous should hack lulzsec - battle of the ages. Lol

XGN_Alex2714d ago

I just don't understand what they hope to gain from all this.

dangert122714d ago

i don't think they do to be honest

ReservoirDog3162714d ago

I don't actually get what they did...?

And compared to these guys, anonymous look like saints. These seriously look like little kids. Those annoying ones you'd wish would stop bothering you.

Ilikegames762714d ago

So does that means Bethesda's servers are also not secured? Waiting for the police to arrest those hackers.

MoDyDo2714d ago

what's wrong with theses guys?!?! do they feel satisfaction when damaging others??

ASSASSYN 36o2714d ago

When it was psn I could give a flying fck because I don't use it. But now these nut jobs are messing with my favorite game company.

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mac_sparrow2713d ago

We should all care no matter who it happens to, I'm no fan of MS but if Live was hacked I'd feel the same way about the hackers as I did when PSN was attacked.

Live, PSN, Bethesda, Visa, Mastercard, Play, or the feeb, it doesn't matter; the people who attack these companies hide behind ideals that they are serving "the people". People who'd tan their backsides if they caught them doing it.

Oner2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Exactly mac_sparrow. Agree + Well Said

And there goes ASS-ASS-YN36o showing/proving his true colors (as if his name wasn't enough proof)...bookmarked.

ASSASSYN 36o2713d ago

My true colors? At what point did I mislead anyone on anything? I play on the xbox, I own only an xbox and PC. WTF is so secret about that. And as you clearly pointed out my name states my preference to your momma's ass and gaming on the 360.

I could care less for the ps3, ps2, ps1, wii, onlive, DS, and PSP. If that isn't upfront about were I "stand" then you have clearly been oblivious all this time up to this point.

Oner2711d ago

Just proves your bias and that you have no true lasting experience with a PS3...thus when you "talk" about it you're full of $#@!.

Pretty Clear and Simple.

ZeroChaos2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Bethesda I know you don't consider this an option but cancel Skyrim.

Show that if they proceed with these acts that they shouldn't be allowed to have what they want.

I know this will be considered extreme =/

ReservoirDog3162714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Haha, like killing a fly with a rocket launcher. It is one annoying fly though...


what the hell would that do besides punish every fan of the game who has nothing to do with this hack

ZeroChaos2714d ago

Think about it this way Bethesda has something they want, perhaps one of the first things they've revealed they've wanted, what happens due to their action a consequence happens.

Yes the actual fans waiting are going to be hurt but some hard choices have to be made.


how about this, ignore them.

Veni Vidi Vici2713d ago


Yeah, and by canceling Skyrim, you put your company in serious jeopardy of bankruptcy. That's like removing your liver because you have liver failure. The liver failure was a problem, but hey, you got rid of that problem.

Not only do you lose a ton of money by canceling a game that's almost finished and will be in the running for GOTY, but by canceling the game, you're going to royally piss of countless fans and destroy any loyalty they once had.

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