Release of the Week: Duke Nukem: Forever

Duke represents the 12 year old boy in all of us. If you find yourself lacking much in the immaturity department, then this game probably won’t offer much. Aliens have invaded earth, while in the process stolen Duke’s beer and kidnapped his women. As you can imagine, this gets Dukes attention and thus he commences kicking some alien ass.

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bgrundman2739d ago

I can't help that I have a morbid curiosity about how good this game actually is.

Fallouts2739d ago

me too! but them not releasing a demo takes that curiosity away considering reviews are not all that great..

roblef2739d ago

It doesn't seem real that this game is actually releasing in my lifetime.

etowntwo2739d ago

and people say that reviews don't matter .....

as much as I was looking forward to this game and had planned on buying this on day 1, now I lost most interested in the game and I'll wait for it as a rental or in the bargain bin

InTheLab2739d ago

The game's meta score is hovering around XBlades territory. All of those critics can't be wrong. Gonna pass now but I'll most likely pick it up on Steam when it's 75% off or something.

My game of the week will be Alice.