Uncharted 3 Elena, Chloe, and Sully visual comparison

SystemLink says: "Perhaps you've never noticed, but Uncharted 3 is a pretty game. With the new and improved graphics though, it's turned into a gorgeous game with incredible art assets and characters. Looking at these portraits side to side, the difference is astounding."

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theonlylolking2689d ago

It looks like they have made a whole new elena model instead of using the same one from uncharted 1.

I see that the Uncharted characters are aging. Is that just me seeing that?

WhiteLightning2689d ago

Honeslty it could just be ND improving the character models so much that it looks like their ageing but I'd rather think they aren't.

I would like to think their roughly still in the same age range, maybe like 4 years older because I want to think that even though were on Nates third adventur were still going to have a lot more adventures to go before he gets too old.

One thing I do NOT want to see in Uncharted is Elena having a baby and Nate and Elena becoming parents. You know how this game reminds people a little like films such as The Mummy and Indiana jones well what happened to those films when they introduced the hero's child....they kind of sucked and the kid ethier got in the way or tried to be funny when he wasn't.

I'd rather just see Nate, Elena and Sully for future games with other characters like Chole/Rikka. Not Nates son/daughter who will properly ruin it by trying to crack jokes but ends up coming off annoying.

Controversy2689d ago

I"m extremely excited for U3. With Naughty Dog's credibility I'm not surprised to see the character models being improved.

e-p-ayeaH2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Elena looks like a mother to me dude.

Elimin82689d ago

I like U2's Elena better. But November cannot come soon enough!

crxss2689d ago

Man I freaking Love Elena! She's starting to become my all time favorite VG heroine. The picture in the article of her in DD looks like crap though, come on now.

I definitely noticed that ring she's wearing after a few more glimpses at the trailer and I really hope it's something more than just a fashion statement from ND. Personally it'd be better if Drake ended up giving Francis Drake's Ring to Elena... eh eh?

DrRichtofen2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

They keep talking about Elenas ring and how she might be married but I watched the trailer numerous times and didnt see one on Drakes finger so now I dont know what to believe.

MysticStrummer2689d ago

@ crXss - How could you miss the ring? To me it looked like they were calling attention to it on purpose with the positioning and movement of her hand. Also, it seems pretty obvious that Drake's ring was stolen from Nate, so I tend to doubt that's the ring Elena's wearing.

DarkFantasy2689d ago

they don't look like there ageing but it looks like a huge improvement to the character modles and Elena is looking HOT! but i will always be a Chloe fan :P

oh and i hope they dont get married but i will be excited to see what really happens yet i don't want to know any thing about the story the trailer already told me too much :P

Lazyeye792689d ago

I wish they were bigger pictures. From what I'm seeing Elena and Sully in Drake's Deception look worse than they do in Among Thieves.

I hope its just the pictures.

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GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2689d ago

you need to check this out then, immediately! it's one of the most amazing things i've ever seen

tigertron2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Same with Chloe, she looks much better than she did in Uncharted 2.


I personally think all the characters look better than ever, whilst they looked fantastic in the previous games, this game really does showcase the PS3's graphical power.

Silly Mammo2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Hopefully, they fixed Chloe's eyes for U3. In U2 they were kind of too bright and glow-ey (shiney?).

MintBerryCrunch2689d ago

elena in UC2 looks more detailed to me than the one in UC3...idk if its the pic and the blur effect on her face, but i see more detail from UC2, although the hair looks better in UC3

they could have used a better pic

plus sully went from OLD to YOUNG to OLD again lol

BeaArthur2689d ago

I thought the exact same thing. I thought the UC2 shots looked a little better. Although there are still plenty of months to go and it is hard to get really good screen shots. Either way I'll still be playing in November.

i_like_ff72689d ago

its because of the 3d implementation. fucking screws up the graphics.

Mr Tretton2689d ago

um, maybe because the UC3 isn't finished yet?

ShoryukenII2689d ago

Without 3D, we'd have no splitscreen. Killzone 3 has 3D and is currently the best looking (technically, artistically is debatable) console game (yes, better than Crysis 2 on 360... -_-).

Sano642689d ago

That's what I was thinking. Part two looks more photo realistic where three looks more cartoonish. It still looks beautiful though. It just seems that they took a different route with their art direction.

kudakadere2689d ago

The eyes in UC3 are better , that was my only let down about Chloe in UC2

CryofSilence2689d ago

Yeah. My only gripe with the graphics in U2 was that the whites of the eyes were black sometimes.

kudakadere2689d ago

nah, i didn't see that but Chloe's eyes were too shiny for me .

bronxsta2689d ago

Is it just me or does U2 Elena look better than the one from U3?

HeavenlySnipes2689d ago

they use different character models unlike many other devs that use the same one throughout

news4geeks2689d ago

other than the hair I agree. We need more screenshots to compare accurately.

jdfoster002689d ago

Called getting older mate. That's what I love about ND they make it realistic like sullly has gone grey hair etc!

DrRichtofen2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Are you saying that I would like to screw an ugly chick?

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