Wii U To Have “Refined Friend Codes”

Just when you thought it was safe to play online with a Nintendo console again… It would appear as though friend codes are still present with the new Wii U, however, they will be much more refined. Nintendo UK marketing manager Rob Lowe has said that the Wii U's friend code system will now be "refined".

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Controversy2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Judas Priest. The Wii U is really starting to disappoint.

1) The new, fancy controller is useless if you take it away from the console. I would have LOVED to see some independent function.

2) No HDD

3) Friend codes shouldn't return in any form.

I've gone from very excited to not buying. I love you, Nintendo, but this round you have lost me.

Theyellowflash302745d ago

Your 1st and 2nd reasons are stupid. The controller is not supposed to be a portable. It doesn't have a CPU or Ram or anything it would be hard for nintendo to make the controller continue to play when it isn't somewhere near the console.

No HDD is not a big deal you can buy 1 TB HDD and hook it up to the Wii U and it will work just fine. Or you can buy a 32GB SD card or 16GB USB stick, there is all sorts of ways you can buy the memory you want. When i first brought my PS3 and 360 they both came with 20GB HDD and I ended up spending over 200 bucks to get New HDD for both of them. So thats not a issue.

Now your 3rd reason is the only reason that actually reasonable.

Shok2745d ago

Using the controller outside the house would cannibalize the 3DS.

Nintendo confirmed you can use external HDDs.


iamnsuperman2745d ago

"We always try and strike a balance. Because we do have more younger consumers than any other hardware manufacturer or games brand we need to protect them". Really. I thought it was the parents responsibility. Surely there are other methods. Like blocking certain content via a parent account. Also this could be applied to online.

Controversy2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

@ Theyellowflash30

And wouldn't it have been nice if you didn't HAVE to spend the extra $200? I can get a brand new Ps3 now for $299 and have a 160 HDD included.

I understand the new controller isn't supposed to be portable. I can simply wish it was.

You don't have to agree.

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TBM2745d ago

Well I was initially going to wait a year until after the release to see if I would purchase one, but its looking like i'll be waiting a bit longer, or even at all.

Rainstorm812745d ago

Nintendo is completely out of touch when it comes to the online gaming community. You can see the benefit of MS starting XBL last gen, Sony is in thier learning process with PSN and PS4's online will benefit.

The Wii U may have online comparable to the Wii/PS2 maybe the Xbox1.....or so it seems.

pepsilover_20072745d ago

i think he might have been talking about the 3ds in that article

Shackdaddy8362745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

They are talking about the 3DS. Not the wiiu. Read it again.

Ubisoft already confirmed no friend codes for wiiu.

"But with the online of 3DS it’s obviously a massive leap on from where we were with DSi and DSi XL. It’s smooth, robust, it doesn’t drop in and out. The friend code system has also been refined. It still exists but in the same way that you’d need to pair up with friends on PSN or Xbox live."

This site just lost all of its credibility by not even reading what they wrote/copied...

Shackdaddy8362745d ago

Love the disagree when the author just apologized for the misinterpretation in the article.

Only on N4G...

carlitoskaruuz2745d ago

@Shok, I love you and all Shokio man but, you know that the Wii U now has Friend Codes, This is a not buy.

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PirateThom2745d ago

Friend codes... but I'm a big boy...

jack_burt0n2745d ago

3,,,2,,,,1,,,, Spin.......

nikebee2745d ago

Why in the hell don't they just use gamertags?

Lifewish2745d ago

I never got Nintendo's obsession with friend codes.. it is completely idiotic to make school moms and kids remember some long list of numbers.. not that there was ever any reason to add anyone on the Wii..but yea I was hoping they would move away from these and actually use a gamertag or something like that.

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