343 Industries answers Halo Anniversary questions – Announces Hands-on at PAX

In 343 Industries’ latest podcast, they answered some of the community’s biggest question about Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. Find out all the details on the new upcoming game after the break!

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tdogchristy902738d ago

Wait, so they are adding the reach abilities into CE maps to keep it balanced? Are we also getting reach weapons instead of halo 1 weapons? Why!!!!!!!!! (cries in a corner)

EagleBurn2738d ago

They said the original Halo: CE multiplayer would be incredibly unbalanced due to the pistol and other weapons. They also didn't want to split the multiplayer community. So they integrated it into Reach. The article explains that and more.

tdogchristy902738d ago

Then it wouldn't be combat evolved! Using the unbalanced excuse doesn't cut it in my opinion. You change too much and it's not combat evolved anniversary but something totally different.

SixZeroFour2738d ago

tdog...the campaign and multiplayer for the remake are 2 different experiences

the campaign is staying true to the CE campaign, no armor abilities, weapon damages are the same, and objects in the levels are practically in the same position and scale as the original

the multiplayer however is using the reach network code which is why ppl that already have reach dont necessarily have to go out and but the game, they just need to get the expansion (which is why i doubt there is going to be a special edition) so its using reach character models, armor abilities, not sure about the weapons, and its essentially just a map pack

SixZeroFour2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

they are using reach's multiplayer cause the network bungie created for reach is already established and it would take too much time and effort to make one from scratch catering to the original CE

you should just listen to sparkast 004 yourself, cause some info seems off in this article...i dont think they mentioned anything close to a halo 2 map as one of the 7 maps, all i heard them say was 7 maps and 1 of those are a firefight map

EagleBurn2738d ago

Hey, I'm the editor for the article. I was mistaken, the map from Halo 2 is currently a rumor. The community found screenshots of one through the trailer, but it hasn't been confirmed.

I edited the article and stated this.

SixZeroFour2738d ago

no problems here...there have been plenty of times ive been wrong, im just going by what i heard or remember hearing

tdogchristy902738d ago


Thanks for the clarification bud. While it is somewhat a bummer that they are messing with the mp (since it was so unique for its day), at least the most important part (sp, in my opinion) is staying true to the original.

thrasherv32738d ago

At what time does it specifically state one of the remade maps is from Halo2? According to Waypoint, it's "one map that while famous and awesome, has never been seen on console before. I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now."

I don't think Halo 2 on PC had any exclusive maps but I never bought it so I could be wrong. Halo:CE on the other hand did have a few good ones. One particular map that stands out is Death Island. It was essentially the forth level from the Campaign. Hope it makes it to the Anniversary edition.

EagleBurn2738d ago

I believe the community figured that a Halo 2 map will be in the game by looking at the trailer.

ThrazN72738d ago

i'm glad reach is getting more support.

nilamo2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

yeah I love armor abilities, it adds so much more dimension to the game.