Forza 4 Kinect live gameplay - E3 2011

New Game Network: "Raw footage of Forza 4 Kinect gameplay from Microsoft E3 2011 event"

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turnerdc2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Seems to work fairly decent. Needless to say it's a neat little extra Turn 10 threw in.

StanLee2656d ago

Yeah, it doesn't appear to suck as much as I thought it would. Seems it would work perfectly with Microsoft's new wireless wheel with it's force feedback. It now seems that ridiculous looking wheel may have been made just for this.

HeavenlySnipes2657d ago

be cool if it could recognize changing gears and braking and all that. So you could actually have a more realistic driving experience. As far as I know, you can only steer the car with kinect.

Wikkid6662657d ago

It's a side feature to kind of fool around with. Even if you could shift and break. You need to have a physical wheel for the tension and force feedback.

MintBerryCrunch2657d ago

is it that hard to get just raw gameplay footage....the kinect capabilities have been overdone...we saw them at least years E3....hopefully T10 release more info and features about the game that do not deal with this point in time...kinect is really overshadowing the game as a whole and what it is at its core...a racing sim

daflint2657d ago

I dont know, but i would prefer a physical wheel with pedals.
When you look at the guy in the video turn, it takes almost 1 sec for kinect to recognize it and actually turn the wheels.
Not impressive at all.

bluedot1332657d ago

It's a neat feature to have though

deagle21232657d ago

Weak. There was a reason GT5 didn't use the Eye more than they did. They noticed it was worthless and a distraction from the sim. The whole walking around a car thing was done back in Project Gotham 2.

HeavenlySnipes2657d ago

its awesome. I also own the Move and use it a lot in KZ3 and Tumble. The PSeye can't track your body movements as well as the Kinect. Sure it can make a box around your head so if your head moves out of it, it can move the camera up or down in GT5, but I don't think it can do anything as advanced as tracking had movements.

I'm not a developer so maybe I'm wrong.

Raven_Nomad2657d ago

The PSEYE cant track like Kinect. Obviously you've never seen one. They track totally and are on motors to move.

Quite being so ignorant. I will play Forza with a controller, but Kinect will be fun to tinker around with from time to time.

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