E3 2011 Reactions: Is the Wii U a True Leap into the Next Generation of Consoles?

Though the announcement of the Wii U shows a lot of promise, it's hard to say that it is a true leap to a new generation and seems to be a system that bridges the gap between 2 generations.

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iamnsuperman2535d ago

The thing is what is the next step. Is it gimmick orientated or is it grpahically. Nintendo went with what the think and we will wait to see what sony and microsoft do. If they do something similar then yes it is but its going to take a while to see. It is up to us to decide id the wii u is next gen. If sales are low then its not and visa viser. Also what sony and microsoft do dictates what is truely next gen

carlitoskaruuz2535d ago

It will be if they get rid of friend codes.

CaulkSlap2535d ago

No that would just get them out of the mid-90s.

Objective2535d ago

I don't think it is next gen in the sense that it is cutting edge technology. However it is a substantial bit of innovation in how we play games using technology that has already been tried and tested. That is Nintendo's ethos with their consoles, and to demand that they compete with MS and Sony on the high end tech arena is just missing the point.