Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Probably to Surpass 20 Million Sold

Call of Duty did the unthinkable for two straight years, setting entertainment sales records with games from two different developers - Infinity Ward and Treyarch. This holiday, development swings back to the (rebuilt) Infinity Ward team with the help of Sledgehammer, and analysts see Modern Warfare 3 topping the charts yet again. Sterne Agee's Arvind Bhatia said this week, after seeing Modern Warfare 3 and the new Elite social service at E3, that Modern Warfare 3 should surpass Black Ops' sales.

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donniebaseball2712d ago

I'm not so sure. I have no doubt that it will sell VERY well, but I do think Battlefield 3 will eat into that total a bit. Also, just in general, there are tons of awesome games this holiday: Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Gears 3, Halo Anniversary to name a few.

Agent-862712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

My prediction is that BF3 will sell more than MW3 on PC and MW3 will sell more that BF3 on the consoles. PC gamers are appreciating the extra effort that DICE is putting into the PC version. Battlefield is a PC gamer's game while COD has become the console gamer's game of choice. COD has gone steadily downhill on the PC and I think the majority of FPS PC gamers will end up with BF3 over MW3. It may even pull an upset on the PS3 since I don't think the FPS fans on that console like getting the short end of the stick compared to 360 gamers (timed DLC, poor porting, late patches). Doubt it since COD fans tend to look past it's shortcomings, but it could happen.

Lylat_642712d ago

Battlefield is going to be the better game, but can't see it even putting a slight dent into CoD's sales.

Rainstorm812712d ago

Bf3 wont out sell Mw3..... There are too many gamers stuck in their way for that to change so quickly....

For some people the name "Modern Warfare" on the box is good enough to warrant a purchase and Battlefield is just that other game they never played.

Name recognition goes a long way....

Mustang300C20122712d ago

@ donniebaseball

A similar list gets posted each year about COD not doing anything like it has in the last 2 years. Remember Uncharted 2 came out 2 years ago and didn't stop COD doing anything. Reach came out as well by the way. Keep throwing spit balls and it eventually sticks?

Skip_Bayless2712d ago

It's gonna match Mw2 or sell less. I didn't buy black ops and I just rented it. I'm gonna do the same for Mw3.

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Rainstorm812712d ago

It shouldnt....

tired of the yearly cod rehash? Better speak with ur wallets

StanLee2712d ago

There seems to be a huge anti Call of Duty sentiment on the internet but I don't get that when I talk to friends on XBox Live or real life. People are generally excited for the game. Lets face it, Bad Company 2 was expected to be a real competitor to Black Ops and it wasn't; Black Ops was not expected to do better than Modern Warfare 2 and it did. That just shows what a small minority of the game buying public the most vocal on sites like are. What the critics of Call of Duty don't understand is that the millions that buy and love the franchise are happy with the evolutionary steps as long as the core experience doesn't change. Successful games like Call of Duty, Halo and GTA get criticized for not innovating but the core audiences of those titles have shown with their wallets that that's fine with them.

iforgotmylogin2711d ago

across all systems maybe.

but high expectations like this are what cause people to be sad and mad when sales dont hit expectations.

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news4geeks2712d ago

That's just sad, people are so credulous.

outwar60102712d ago

20 million people that dont know any better

Tachyon_Nova2711d ago

I disagree. I personally buy in the order of 20-30 full retail games yearly plus a bunch of PSN games or indie games from Steam and Call of Duty is always in my top 5 favorite games each year and is usually the game I spend the most time on.

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