European launch PS Vita on historical 23 march?

PSFocus writes: The European PlayStation Vita launch will not happen before the end of the year. That leaves us one perfect releasedate for the European launch and that’s 23 march 2012, exactly five years after the launch of the PlayStation 3.

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PirateThom2745d ago

Not being funny... I don't think I'd mind... I have so many games already to buy, a March release would be perfect.

zinkabass2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

How about you all go fuck your self and release it December1 this year. How about that, for a historical date. How about you speculate on that date for a while.

MasterCornholio2744d ago

It will be annoying to wait so long. But at least when it launches in Europe there will be a big selection of games. Not to mention i would have read reviews on them already so i would know which ones to buy.