State of Australian Gaming

Throughout recent years, no one can doubt that Australia is a progressive society always striving for change whether it is popular in the eyes of its citizens or not. Australia was the only developed nation not to fall into recession during the Global Financial Crisis and that was through very specific implementation of Stimulus packages and Australia is also widely expanding its infrastructure through projects such as the Myki ticketing system costing $1.35 billion and the National Broadband Network which can provide internet speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second, costing approximately $35.7 billion. Despite all these steps forward into being a greater international presence, why is one industry still lagging behind?

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Lykos2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Damn, the state of Australia (in terms of gaming) is appalling.

magjournal2736d ago

Absolutely. I think Jason did a great job with this article.