Nintendo: Is the Wii U the Answer to Hardcore Gamer's Prayers?

GP blogger, kaidtetris writes, "We all know that Nintendo has taken an “introduce gaming to all” approach when it comes to putting out most of its games for the Wii, but is this going to change for the release of their new “8th generation” system christened, the Nintendo Wii U? Nintendo acknowledges that it’s variety of games have been recently introduced for casual gamers and those wanting to get into gaming, and that they’ve relied on third-party companies to supply the raunchier titles but that might be about to change with the introduction of this new system, the Wii U, no confirmed release date as of yet. It works as a controller that integrates with your Wii, allowing a more in-depth approach when playing games and can be used to play the Wii games themselves when you get kicked off the TV. Now you can save Peach AND catch up on the latest Doctor Who all at the same time."

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fluffydelusions2715d ago

I can't take Nintendo seriously as a hardcore system when I see Mii's running around.

dubal-e2714d ago

You must not take microsoft of sony serious either cos they copied the miis with their avatars running around. Or did you not notice?

Jack-Dangerously2714d ago

I'm not being rude. But I honestly don't know what you are referring to on the Sony side. I'm pretty sure I've seen something MS that looked similar to the miis.