Carmack: id Tech 5 (Rage's Engine) Does Not Work With Open World Games

John Carmack id co-founder and lead programmer, told Gamasutra at E3 that the idTech 5 does not work with open world games, you may remember the idTech 5 being mentioned, this is because it is the engine used to power Bethesda's new game Rage.

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ATiElite2689d ago

So Carmack has just informed us as to how linear Rage is gonna be. The engine looks good but hopefully they can fix it to be more flexible.

Well hopefully Carmack fixes this for ID Tech 6 cause open world games are where the fun is. Linear is no longer worth doing.

gaffyh2688d ago

Oh man, I though this was going to be open-world like Borderlands. My anticipation for this game just dropped a little.

SpaceSquirrel2688d ago

Me too. I was expecting another Borderlands type of game.

Peaceful_Jelly2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

the game's not gonna be open world like GTA but it's not gonna be a linear mess like COD games either...

mtm59252688d ago

Rage is going to be hub-based open world, so it's just works like Borderlands.

palaeomerus2687d ago

Borderlands ISN'T an open world. It's a big room with load-gates design with hub levels linking the dungeons.

wallis2687d ago

It was never promised to be open world. Only fuck-wit journalists who decided to write articles without bothering to do research have given it the sense of being an open world style of game.

Id have said, probably a thousand times, that it's open, but directed. You'll always know where you need to go but from the sounds of it Id are going to be giving us a lot of ways to spend our time outside of the main quest.

But I always assumed the directed yet open nature of rage came from a design choice by id. Not because of technical limitations. Which is a shame because since id tech 5 is part of bethesda's family I saw plenty of potential for its possible implementation in open world games.

We all know that skyrim looks gorgeous and that it's engine is going to be kick ass.... but c'mon? I can't be the only who hoped it was gonna get announced on rage's engine? Oh well, 'tis a shame.

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Elven62688d ago

It could be "fake open world" like the Assassin's Creed games are where they have big levels but the world itself is isolated by load points connecting them.

MisterAV2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

not really, rome isn't small and even venice,florence,...
maybe you would like to mean batman arkham asylum...

Elven62688d ago

Those areas usually aren't open at the same time (you're restricted) and even then, I don't see how it negates my original statement that it could be cut off. The cities in AC aren't all loaded in one seamless world after all like they would be in an Elder Scrolls game.

MisterAV2687d ago

In AC they aren't connected because it would be strange to have venice and florence at some minutes by horse...
and even oblivion has loading when you enter an house, but AC brotherhood has not. I would not call it a fake open world if it has very big areas connected by some loading...

godsinhisheaven2688d ago

Good thing he's being frank...

starchild2688d ago

If you paid attention you would know that Rage was never intended to be an open world game.

It has a sort of hub world with higher degrees of exploration than is found in most shooters, but it was never an open world game.

JsonHenry2688d ago

I was never under the impression that it was going to be an open world game. However, I hate to hear this as Id Tech 5 looks like it would be a great engine to put into an open world.

Oh well. :/

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