Late Night with Jimmy Fallon kicks off post E3 week of live demos!

Jimmy Fallon will be bringing in a Dev every night to show of their game.

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Abash2534d ago

Modern Warfare 3 will be there? I bet they will pretend the PS3 version doesn't exist and emphasize how it's for Xbox 360

xtremexx2534d ago

hahaha, was thinking the same thing

fluffydelusions2534d ago

I'll check it out. I'm always up at that time anyway.

nightmarex1212534d ago

they showing bf3 on console is what i heard

zeal0us2534d ago

now if only Bobby Kotick can be watching the show or at least on it that night.

cr33ping_death2534d ago

not a big fallon fan, but he knows how to attract that untapped audience that is us gamers.

Fel082534d ago

Cool. Gives me a reason to watch that show

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