Steam Deal of The Day: Shadow Harvest 75% Off

Nobody likes paying top dollar for games, we are always looking for the best deals wherever we can and that's where Steam comes in. Every day Steam puts on special game up for sale, and only for 24 hours. Today Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops is on sale for 75% off, but be quick because you can only get this great deal today.

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GregoryAllen2738d ago

Steam is really going all out with these deals every day aren't they?

outwar60102738d ago

i got far cry 2 for £2.50 and red faction collection for 6 pounds my pc library is building lol i hope they reduce the valve pack to like 30 that would be amazing

therealwillie2737d ago

wouldn't touch this game if i was you. its got a 36 on metacritic and the devs are all over the steam forums pretending to be people they are not in order to get anyone to buy their game

blackhrt862738d ago

There's a reason Valve is the beloved by PC gamers

pixboy2737d ago

<3 Steam deals. They're always great.