First Duke Nukem Forever DLC Coming this Summer

Duke Nukem Forever owners looking forward to some new DLC can expect the first one to arrive on the XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC this Summer

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Semir2743d ago

Who cares ? After so many bad reviews.

Fishy Fingers2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

People who bought and enjoy the game (I'm not one), but some people do put their opinion before that of a reviewer. I call them wierdos.

e-p-ayeaH2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Then why you care to comment? that´s the thing

@Semir you troll on actual comments.

Semir2743d ago

Because that's what people do on this site. They comment.

Semir2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )


That's not true.

Jack-Dangerously2743d ago

@ your comment below Semir.

You make a point. Commenting is really what this very site is for. I can talk about games ect. that my friends may not be interested in.

A lot of people think(not pointing any fingers) that if you say something against a particular thing that is trolling.

I believe it's all in how you say it.

You stated your opinion: "Who cares?"

And justified it: "After so many bad reviews."

That's not exactly trolling.

bit-crusherrrr2743d ago

Fixing all the games faults would be a nice bit of dlc to start with.

DirtyLary2743d ago

File this game away with

Homefront and Brink

e-p-ayeaH2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Yep in the average kinda shooter.

But nothing´s average about the Duke Nukem character that´s why i like DNF in the first place.

e-p-ayeaH2743d ago

I hope Gearbox makes sure that the next Duke Nukem game is properly made up to date and gives it a fresh restart.

Nitrowolf22743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

kind of stupid. For a game thats been planned for 15 years, DLC should be the least that players should expect right away.

GearBox if they are going to make another Duke Nukem, they need to fix laod times, make graphics at least better uptodate and maks sure there no repeat boss and try to pass it as a different boss.

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The story is too old to be commented.