Arkham City Tapes Found at E3

Some audio tapes were discovered at E3 that reveal proffesor Hugo Strange who is interrogating Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman. Strange is one of Batman's oldest villians and even predates Joker and the feisty feline he has captured.

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blackhrt862377d ago

Must.... own.... this.... game.....

Eades2377d ago

Alternate Reality Games are always an amazing way to market and this is probably one of the cooler I've seen. Takes me back to my iluvbees days.

GetoverHere1222377d ago

I love bees, I haven't heard about that in ages. Oh I hope the new Halo has some neat marketing

GregoryAllen2377d ago

I wonder how this game will play on the Wii U and how many people will buy it specifically for the Wii U if it comes out something like a year after it comes out for PC.

Eades2377d ago

Maybe you hold the controller up in front of your face to go into detective vision :S.

krazykombatant2377d ago

that would be kinda cool. But it should be an option.

Semir2377d ago

Arkham City is gonna be awesome!!!

DaleBoyd2377d ago

I need Arkham City to live, and that's a scientific fact.

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