Wii U Controller To Cost More than Wii Remote / Nunchuck Combo

It would seem obvious, but it’s good information to know when trying to figure out a price for the new controller. When asked, Mr. Nintendo president was asked what kind of price we would see attached for the Wii U controller. He gave a fairly straight answer:

And as you can guess, this new controller for Wii U is going to cost more than the other controller does, and that’s why, most often, our focus on the software shall be the ones that can be enjoyed with the one Wii U controller.

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iforgotmylogin2745d ago

it sounds really reasonable anything up to 79.99 sounds nice to me.

80$ for a controller with a screen is the most it should cost.

seeing as regular controllers on the market sell for 30-60$.

in fact it should be cheap to make since there are no cpus/gpus in it/ its just a big screen, 2 3Ds sliders, buttons, the innards of a 30$ wii mote and a camera.

it might have a 70$ price point

Merivigian2745d ago

Well, from reports, it's fairly light, so that means there shouldn't be too much there. Screens now a days shouldn't be too awful bad, price wise, and from the sounds of it, the console is pulling most of the technical grunt work. But on the other hand there are gyroscopes, accelerometers, and cameras. So it'll be interesting to see what happens.

iamnsuperman2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

One thing that makes it cheaper is that is isn't multi touch (i think i stand corrected if this is worng) Nice if it was but no that nessesary

Shok2745d ago

Of course. Look at that thing lol.

dangert122745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

its a flaw imo, i never wanted to pay 15 pound for a nunchuck and 30 for a wii mote, i think i'll pass on the wii you just incase i break a pad

Fishy Fingers2745d ago

Huh... I'd of thought the massive touch screen would of made it cheaper...

NESpower2745d ago

$79. That is perfectly fine. Now hopefully it lasts...but it's Nintendo so I can bet it will.

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The story is too old to be commented.