E3 2011: Kirby Wii Hands-On -

Kirby Wii feels just as well crafted and fun as Kirby Super Star. In fact, Kirby Wii may be even better than that.

Like many of Nintendo’s recent revamps of classic titles, the game is played by holding the Wii remote sideways. Kirby has all his basic actions as you remember them. They didn’t tamper with his flying ability like in Kirby 64 and Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Like Super Star, Kirby can copy attacks from enemies or get them from special pedestals, and use them in a variety of ways; especially the new Leaf, Whip and Water abilities. Certain special enemies also give Kirby “super” abilities, like swinging a humongous sword or sending a flaming dragon across the screen. These powerful attacks have a limited number of uses and can affect the stage’s terrain, often opening up paths.

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lizard812882743d ago

better than Super Star?!... Now i want to play this!