Fox Engine Will Run On PlayStation Vita?

GameBlurb writes, "Kojima Productions seems like they’re going to be taking the FOX engine into Sony’s all new portable handheld."

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Gordo7892413d ago

I'm hoping it doesn't become too much of a trend to have identical releases on the PS Vita and the PS3. I can see where some people would want titles on both platforms, but what we really need is software that takes advantage of the PSV's unique hardware and capabilities, not just ports.

DigitalAnalog2413d ago

I see your point but just because it's a "port" doesn't mean it wouldn't use the advantage of it's hardware. Point being for transfaring is that there are people who are willing to continue their game without doing it at home. Surely they should give bonus intensives for transfaring like unique missions and bonus items only attainable from the Vita then transfaring them back to the PS3.

-End statement

Foxgod2413d ago

Well, ports are no good for the game library.
We dont want the Vita to end up being another handheld with no games.

Psp had way too little games.

TheDareDevil2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Games that were built from ground up were definitely better on the PSP and had better graphics(GOW: Ghost of Sparta).

I don't know how successful the transfarring thing will be though, cause I'd rather play Story-driven games at home than on the go.

himdeel2413d ago

Personally as long as I only have to buy one copy of the game transfarring I'm cool.

DigitalAnalog2412d ago

Looking at the Patapons, the Monster Hunters, the Syphon Filter, the Resistance Retribution, etc. It's pretty much safe to say that the PSP has a decent if not a vast array of games in it's library. It's just that the lack of dual-sticks and a media that's considered dead is what caused the popularity to go down. Oh, did I mention that the PSP was also a platform that was difficult to develop for.

No doubt the introduction of dual touch-screen panels will try to give developers to work something out in their games, most likely leading away from "ports" and having their own original exclusive title.

-End statement

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GarandShooter2413d ago

I like the idea of being able to transfer your PS3 save to the PSV to continue playing your PS3 game on the go and then transferring the save back to the PS3 for further play there.

However I don't want this to come at the cost of having to purchase the same game for both platforms, or at the cost of it denying the PSV its own unique library.

Foxgod2413d ago

I really dont think they are gonna offer Vita games for free with a ps3 version.

koehler832413d ago

In Konami's pre-E3 video, Kojima said the entire game would transfer from PS3 to Vita, not just the save file.

So you wouldn't have to buy the game twice.

TheDareDevil2413d ago

They might include a packaged bundle of the PS3 game and the Vita game for maybe $80.
It definitely won't come for free though.

sikbeta2413d ago

I want what Kojima said, a Game that can play on PS3 and if for some reason I need to go out of my house, I can continue the same game on my PSVita, this is not the same as porting the same game to 2 different systems...

Der_Kommandant2413d ago

Playstation Vita?

I prefer to call it Skynet To Go

VampiricDragon2413d ago

of course it will

If they are saying all vita games will run on ps3 and visa versa

then theres no mystery here

Foxgod2413d ago

Uncharted is getting its own vita game tho, i hope more franchises will get their own games.

user8586212413d ago

I would much rather have original games aka ghost of sparta, peace walker then ports....

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