Ubisoft explains 360/PS3 snub for Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in development, but won't be appearing on this generation of consoles. Speaking to at E3, Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman and Beyond Good Evil, has elaborated as to why.

"We can't say it's really only next-gen." he said, "We need to reconsider the target platform because I have a very specific idea of that game. On high-end PCs we can already play the game, but it's very hard to say 'we'll cut that, that and that to make it fit into another platform'".

"On top of that you have the interface which is another question. Yes, we need to take the time to find the right target for this game."

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ReservoirDog3162653d ago

At least you know they're being ambitious right?

dragunrising2653d ago

If the Wii U is powerful enough it could come out sooner than later. After the 360 Fusion and PS3 Vision (my made up names) come out it could then get ported. Or perhaps Ubisoft might keep BGE2 in the oven till all the next gen consoles are out for simultaneous release...

If they're being ambitious we have something to look forward to :-)

dangert122653d ago

I would much rather this then content be cut and give us a half hearted game...but like they say about current gens costing abit to much...its gas man because all the devs are ready to make the cross over it seems well the bigger ones and the small ones can two next gen it may be easier for them to dev games on all 3 platforms if everyone takes notice of what happend with the ps3 and

RedSky2653d ago

Got leaked 2 years ago.

Animations still look sweet as.

Jack-Dangerously2653d ago

What platform was the original on? (not seriously asking)

*sad face*

Redempteur2653d ago

the original had a multiplatform release came on PC, PS2 , gamecube and maybe xbox 1 ( not sure of that one ).

Redempteur2653d ago

2 disagree for saying the truth ? LOL

skyblue142132653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

excerpt from article:
"We can't say it's really only next-gen." he said, "We need to reconsider the target platform because I have a very specific idea of that game. On high-end PCs we can already play the game, but it's very hard to say 'we'll cut that, that and that to make it fit into another platform'"

- Where have we heard about devs cutting content in order for a game to fit on a certain disc medium in order to play a game on a certain console? hmm....

From that clue alone I think you can figure out what obvious target console that they are referring to.

I will give you another hint, it is only 1 out of the 3 major consoles that has this particular problem, and owners of this particular console have been urging the company of this console to upgrade the disc format to a larger format( I hope you owners of this particular console get your wish soon. ).

A7XEric2653d ago

I think you are taking that quote out of context or reading into it the wrong way.

I don't think he's referring to the amount of disc space, since right before he mentions high-end PCs could already play the game. It sounds more to me like he's criticizing the amount of horsepower of current gen systems.

skyblue142132653d ago

It has been mentioned numerous times that the ps3 is basically technically a super computer with its powerful cell processor and the wii-u is supposedly more powerful than even the ps3 and both of them support the large capacity blue-ray format(in one way or another) in which each blue-ray disc can hold 25 gb or more of data.

So I highly doubt that it is a space or performance issue or any other issue for that matter that would prevent this game from running in it's entirety on either the ps3 or the wii-u. That just leaves the only other console that I did not mention as the suspect on why this game is being held back this generation concerning this game being on consoles.

Active Reload2653d ago

People sound like retards when they act as if the PS3 is on the level of a high end PC. No...just no...

AhnnQuirajj2653d ago

They can always find more DVDs but if the brunt and power isn't there to push and run the content then there's no point for it this gen.


skyblue142132653d ago

@Active Reload

-That was not what I was trying to imply, you need to look at my whole comment with an unbiased perspective and not just notice the ps3 part of it. You would notice that I included both the the ps3 and the wii-u as being powerful so I don't know where you get your assumption of me only saying that the ps3 is powerful.

But lets face it there are many articles that are around the internet that claim that the ps3 is technically a super computer and is powerful by today's standards that are not gaming related and me or anyone else are not retarded for stating that fact.
for example:



Now those articles are old , but the ps3 is still considered the most economical super computer on the market.

Active Reload2653d ago

I know the PS3 is powerful, but I also know that it's a system that is bottlenecked to hell. It has all that processing power but most of it goes to waste because of the way the RAM is built into it.

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yamzilla2653d ago

good, expect to be hearing this from more and more devs, this is what going beyond the 5 year table for a refresh of consoles will do to you

games like battlefield 3, metro2033, the witcher 2 so far outclass what the current consoles are capable of.

todays bottom of the barrel laptops can run most of todays AAA titles at console like settings
1024x720p at 20-30 frames with zero anti aliasing

Man, i hope to hear this again and again from devs!!

fluffydelusions2653d ago

I have a gaming pc and ps3. Current consoles are expensive enough as are game prices. Next Gen will be worse so I can wait a couple more years.

Max_Dissatisfaction2653d ago

Skipping an entire generation is a very bad move. See Duke Nukem Forever

Redempteur2653d ago

not when you have a talent game designer behind a project ...

Duke nukem just had too many changes to hope to have something good ..

That is not the case HERE

pr0digyZA2653d ago

Nah sounds like this is being built from the ground up as a next gen project (duke nukem had other problems) I think there will be a lot of companies that are also doing this behind the scenes. Even Todd Howard said they were considering putting skyrim on the next gen consoles and who knows maybe they have fallout 4 set to launch on the new consoles.

chase1672653d ago

its going to fail anyway

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